Mars in Libra, Moon in Cancer Compatibility

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Mars in Libra’s flirtatious moves will make Moon in Cancer uncomfortable. Libra’s charm will feel superficial and annoying to touchy Cancer, who just wants a hug and guarantee of emotional safety. And yet, the tension between them can create an odd sort of chemistry.

Mars in Libra is the smooth guy. He can be so sweet that the object of his affection may not take him seriously at first. Everything that comes out of his mouth is a compliment, and he’s just too … perfect. But Mars in Libra is a real gentleman, and knows how to match his actions to his lover’s (or potential lover’s) needs. That charm is his way of relating and creating harmony in any situation.

Moon in Cancer needs assurances that’s it’s going to be ok. Yes, she needs tenderness, and a partner that she can nurture, but first and foremost she must feel that her relationship is safe. Emotional comfort means more to her than words. Moon in Cancer’s lover should accept that he is partnered with someone who will be Mother and Child, sometimes both in the same day.

Mars in Libra will approach Moon in Cancer, drawn by the strange tension between them. He’ll try to charm her, and she’ll be immediately be suspicious of his actions. However, if he’s persistent, Libra may just win her over with his consideration of her needs. One of Moon in Cancer’s pet peeves is people taking advantage of her sensitivity. Mars in Libra will demonstrate (repeatedly) that he wants nothing more than to make her happy. Eventually, they may reach a point where his courteous efforts intersect with her need to protect and care. They can create a truly loving relationship, and the frisson between their different approaches will keep things interesting.

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