Mars in Cancer, Moon in Sagittarius Compatiblity

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Mars in Cancer wants to hug it out, while Moon in Sagittarius needs room to breath. When things get tense, Cancer will try to nurture Sagittarius, but all she’ll need is assurance that she doesn’t have to do anything. However, both of these signs can be passionate in their own (very different) ways, so their respective lusts may connect them.

Mars in Cancer has got this. He’ll protect, nourish and soothe his partner, even if she’d rather he didn’t. He means well, but his assertive style of care can be suffocating. Mars in Cancer requires just as much nurturing as he gives out, so if his lover “rejects” him (by pulling back or indicating that she’s fine handling something by herself) he can become angry. His anger or moodiness is always rooted in hurt, or fear of rejection.

Moon in Sagittarius needs to come and go as she pleases. At least, that would be her ideal scenario. The reality of a relationship that requires responsibility and commitment can still work for her, as long as her partner understands her need to explore. If she has an outlet where she can experience new and interesting things, it will be easier for her to submit to some domestic routine. Moon in Sagittarius’ optimism, humor and passion for living make her a lusty partner, but she can be a bit clueless when it comes to sensitive issues. Empathy is not one of her strengths.

Mars in Cancer will put tremendous effort into meeting Sag’s needs, but the harder he tries, the more dissatisfied she’ll feel. He’ll sense tension and will want to snuggle or have comfort sex, while she’ll pull away, or make a joke. Cancer will react angrily, and Moon in Sagittarius will be confused about what just happened. If he demands an apology, she won’t understand why. After all, she didn’t ask for his help to begin with. This is a difficult combo, but if other connections between their charts are strong enough, Cancer’s needy desires and Sag’s need for adventure could make for an interesting (and volatile) mix. In addition, Moon in Sagittarius is laid back enough that she’ll rarely take Cancer’s temper tantrums personally.

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