Mars in Gemini, Moon in Libra Compatibility

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Mars in Gemini’s light but naughty approach will sync nicely with Moon in Libra’s need for light and interesting. Gemini will court Libra using suggestive phrases, and Libra will respond with her signature “I’m interested but not obviously so” vibe. This Airy combo will create a fast-moving current of flirtations.

Mars in Gemini knows how to craft a come-on. Words, wit and innuendo are his tools, and he wields them with pizzazz. Whether he’s weaving a fascinating story or engaging the object of his affection in a spirited debate, Mars in Gemini acts quickly and cleverly. This can be great fun, but if you’re looking for a lover whose actions are grounded and deliberate, this Mercury-ruled man may not be the one for you. He prefers to skim the surface and touch on all the options rather than focus on one issue.

Moon in Libra needs a Prince Charming who’s romantic, but not too intense. As much as this Venus-ruled Moon craves courtship, she needs a socially ideal version of love. She feels most comfortable when things look nice and feel harmonious. Life is not always nice and harmonious, hence Moon in Libra’s need for a partner who will understand her discomfort with confrontation and messy emotional scenes.

Mars in Gemini will know just what to say to capture Moon in Libra’s attention. His words will have just the right mount of spice to make Libra feel desired, but he won’t turn her off with obvious attempts or coarse jokes. Moon in Libra will respond to Gemini with coy expressions of interest (she hates being perceived as too eager) and a chase will ensue. The energy will be giddy, but slightly detached. This may be ok as long as these two have some anchoring Saturn or Earth planet aspects between them to give this relationship solidity.

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