Mars in Taurus, Moon in Aries Compatibility

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Mars in Taurus’ cautious approach may not be enough to satisfy Moon in Aries’ need for excitement. But Taurus is persistent, and he may eventually win her over with sheer determination. Then, the trick will be maintaining her interest.

Mars in Taurus takes no action until he’s 100% certain. This slow mover may frustrate his partner with his deliberate pacing, but once he does make his move, she can rest assured that he’ll be with her, and only her. Mars in Taurus prefers a slow, sensual buildup in the bedroom; he will not be rushed. The downside of this is his reliance on what he knows. Once he finds his groove, he’ll stick to it with grim determination. If his partner is looking for a bit of variety, she’ll find her Mr. Dependable is also Mr. Immovable.

Moon in Aries needs a lover who keeps her on her toes. She feels safest (ironically) when there’s a challenge, because this reassures her that she’s moving forward. This passionate Moon is a feisty partner who connects with her lover through conflict and/or joint challenges. Nothing makes Moon in Aries happier than having a battle that she and her lover can fight together. But if her partner is not interested in fighting alongside her, she’ll have no problem charging off on her own.

Moon in Aries will become frustrated, bored or angry with Mars in Taurus’ blunt refusal to budge from his routine. However, she will respect his calm strength, which could be a challenge in itself for her as she attempts to get a rise out of him. If Mars in Taurus decides that Aries is the one for him, his almost obsessive drive to win her may triumph. He’ll remain steadfast, long after everyone else has been overwhelmed or scared off by her warrior heart.

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