Mars in Leo, Moon in Taurus Compatibility

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Mars in Leo will try to impress Moon in Taurus, but all she’ll care about is his ability to make her comfortable. He’ll brag about his accomplishments, while she’ll be wondering if he can cook. But both these signs love to indulge, so if Leo’s efforts enhance Taurus’ cozy lifestyle, they may have a match.

Mars in Leo is a show-off. He’s highly motivated to build an expressive life that he’s proud of. He’s a dramatic, passionate, playful lover who wants to amaze his partner, and receive oodles of praise in return. Mars in Leo must be the star of the show in his relationship, and the benefits for his lover include actions that demonstrate his generosity and loyalty. But if his partner tells him to “tone it down,” it’s an immediate turn-off.

Moon in Taurus needs to keep it simple. As long as her home and relationship are steady and comfortable, she’s happy. Moon in Taurus has comfort down to a science, as she knows exactly what lifestyle, foods and routine she needs to keep her happy. She will not deviate from these things, and an understanding partner will be rewarded with her loyalty and steadfast support.

The more Mars in Leo tries to impress Moon in Taurus, the more frustrated he’ll become. She’ll observe his flamboyant tricks without comment. He’ll do backflips trying to get a reaction out of her, only to receive a placid gaze in return. But if he happens to discover her favorite food (or other item that she must have on a daily basis), he’ll find a chink in her armor. He’ll go overboard in his efforts to provide her with that food by buying it in bulk, cooking it or hiring a chef to cook it if he has to. Moon in Taurus may be moved by his generosity, but she’ll be more impressed by his efforts to support her needs. If these Fixed signs decide to give it a go, there’s a strong possibility they’ll stick together and create a lux relationship. Both are too stubborn to give up once they invest significant energy in a relationship.

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