Mars in Leo, Moon in Libra Compatibility

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Mars in Leo’s showy courtship will dazzle Moon in Libra. She needs romance, and he’s all about the big romantic gestures. Almost everything he does will impress her, and she’ll gratify him by oohing and ahhing while she does whatever she can to make him happy.

Mars in Leo knows how to put on a show. He delivers 24 carat romance, adorned with impressive flourishes. While Mars in Leo knows how to sweep his partner off her feet, his real motivation is to generate applause for his efforts. He wants to be the most impressive lover that his partner has ever met. Therefore, the more appreciation he receives, the more he’ll crank up the gorgeous displays of courtship (even if he and his partner have been together for years). Losing the excitement that’s present in the early days of a relationship is a libido-killer for him.

Moon in Libra needs all the trimmings that come with love. A solid relationship and genuine feelings are important to her, but so are candlelight, flowers, gifts and other goodies. Moon in Libra loves what some other signs consider superficial. To her, classic gestures of love are just as important as what’s unsaid. In return, she’ll provide a serene domestic environment and will do her utmost to ensure that her partner is satisfied.

Mars in Leo will deliver the sparkly goods to Moon in Libra, and she’ll encourage him with endless appreciation. Both will thrive in this atmosphere of loving reciprocity, all wrapped up in a beautiful package. If Libra loses herself in her efforts to keep her king happy, she’ll be reminded of what she wants by Mars in Leo’s next gift or fabulous gesture, created just for her. Nothing encourages Leo’s efforts to impress like Moon in Libra’s compliments. And nothing ignites Libra’s recognition of her own needs like Mars in Leo’s fire.

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