Venus in Cancer, Mars in Cancer compatibility

CancerFrom the watery depths of the sea emerges the Cancerian Venus and Mars combo, ready to nurture, relate, imagine and dream. Venus in Cancer desires a relationship that provides security, emotional connection and a safe place to nest, nurture and maintain the traditions of family and the past. This Venus thrives when it has something or someone to take care of, and its protective and loyal nature provides a soothing and nourishing retreat for others.

Mars in Cancer is energized and motivated when engaged in activities that involve emotional exchange, family, home and history. Mars placed in the sign of the Crab is the ultimate protector and defender of those more vulnerable and exposed. This Mars wants to provide a strong and safe outer shell to allow whatever is sensitive or not fully grown time to grow stable and secure.

Together, this couple works in tandem, nurturing life and protecting it, sharing feelings, and creating a home they both feel safe in. Where Venus yields in the relationship, attracting and magnetizing, Mars pushes forward, creating and defending. Their dance together is like the deep, flowing and constantly changing nature of the Moon, the planet that rules this lunar duo.

Though their chemistry is mostly easy and fulfilling, challenges can arise if this couple grows too set in its ways, sacrificing growth in favor of comfort. If Venus and Mars in Cancer can periodically remember to bravely venture outside of the wonderful crab-like retreat they have created together, they will find that their relationship flourishes as a result. As they learn to bring their sensitive and soulful flavor into the bright light of the external world, they gain rich new material to explore and process as a couple, rather than fretfully pull at the same old issues with their grasping claws.

Alternately, if other factors in life or their individual charts interfere with their getting enough “down” time together, this duo can suffer as well. They must prioritize the ongoing “feathering” of their shared Cancerian nest to ensure that besides the rest of the world, they are also nurturing each other and their relationship.

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