Mars in Sagittarius, Moon in Capricorn Compatibility

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Moon in Capricorn is the boss in this relationship, even though Mars in Sag will be the louder, more excitable partner. His playfulness will irritate serious Moon in Cap at times, but she may be just what he needs to keep him on the straight and narrow.

Mars in Sagittarius wants to have a good time. Even when he’s serious about fighting for something (a cause, an injustice, getting his prospective lover’s attention) he always infuses his actions with the joy of new possibilities. In general, Mars in Sag tries not to take life too seriously, which makes him an excellent antidote to an uptight partner. But this attitude (and desire for unlimited freedom) can rub certain people the wrong way. If his partner feels there’s a specific time and place for levity, she may be dismayed that most of his energy seems to be directed at keeping it light.

Moon in Capricorn needs to look at the serious side. She’s not trying to be a downer (most of the time) but she does have an instinctive understanding of life’s limits. Moon in Capricorn will be the partner who keeps it all together–the relationship’s manager. She feels most secure when she’s in control, and in some circumstances this can manifest as repressed feelings. While she’s a pro at commitment, she needs a partner who makes her feel safe enough to open up.

Mars in Sagittarius’ sexy jokester will not impress Capricorn. His charming approach (which works on almost anyone) will fall flat with her, but he’ll probably view this as a challenge and redouble his efforts. If there’s no eventual progress, he will give up. But if other aspects between their charts are compelling enough, his optimistic actions will win her over. Moon in Capricorn will reluctantly be introduced to new horizons when Mars in Sagittarius makes her laugh. As a couple, she will ground him and keep him focused, while he will remind her that there’s life beyond the rules. But she’ll still be the boss.

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