Mars in Libra, Moon in Leo Compatibility

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license
This relationship has some sparkle. Mars in Libra’s romantic moves will ignite Moon in Leo’s need to feel special. Libra will know exactly how to make her feel like a queen, and Leo will respond with generous expressions of affection and loyalty. And the occasional surge of jealousy. 

Mars in Libra is not just a flirt. He has a lock on the finer points of courtship. He’s the guy that sends you flowers for no reason, or finds something to compliment about your appearance, even if you’ve had the flu for a week. Mars in Libra is motivated to make others feel attractive. He can find a common bond with almost anyone, and his partner will appreciate his willingness to do what it takes to keep the peace. What she won’t appreciate is his repressed desire for conflict and indirect way of expressing his anger. While he appears to want only peace, he’s motivated by some relationship tension. 

Moon in Leo needs her partner to recognize how special she is, and treat her accordingly. Because the Moon is a private, instinctive energy, this need may not be obvious. When Moon in Leo isn’t open about her inner queen, or when her partner overlooks this, trouble can arise. Childish displays of drama are her way of getting the attention she’s been denied.

Mars in Libra will hone in on Leo’s inner diva. He’ll expertly wine, dine and seduce her, because he’ll act exactly the way she needs him to. His flair for pure romance will be encouraged by her need for fun, grandiose displays, and drama. The more he compliments her, the hotter her loving responses will be. This will result in a glam relationship where stylish displays of love are the norm. Moon in Leo’s diva demands will satiate Libra’s secret desire for conflict. If she catches him flirting, her jealousy will make things a bit spicy. He’ll scramble to keep her happy, while enjoying the chemistry. 

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