Mars in Virgo, Moon in Capricorn Compatiblity

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Mars in Virgo’s down-to-business approach will blend perfectly with Moon in Capricorn’s need for structure and forward movement. He’ll take care of the details, and she’ll make sure they stay on track, together.

Mars in Virgo is the efficient, effective partner. He’s not known for romantic gestures, but he will put 100% into everything he does for his lover. And the things he does will make her life better in a variety of ways. Mars in Virgo’s efforts to fix everything can backfire when he starts to anticipate what might go wrong. This increases his anxiety, which undermines his effectiveness. He can also lose sight of what he’s trying to accomplish by getting caught up in wasteful busywork.

Moon in Capricorn is the boss of her relationship. Her partner may appear to manage things on the outside, but her need for structure and control ensures that she keeps things on point. Moon in Capricorn needs to have a relationship plan; she is a Cardinal sign, which means forward movement makes her feel secure. But true to her Saturn-ruled nature, this movement will be carefully directed. Her lover is her business partner and her romantic partner, whether or not he’s aware of this.

Mars in Virgo’s work ethic will impress Moon in Capricorn. Here’s a man who understands what she needs, and he’s not afraid to roll up sleeves and get things done. Moon in Capricorn’s cool, emotional control will resonate with Virgo, while her quiet but undeniable authority will attract him. He’ll initiate, and she’ll calmly take the reins, ensuring that his energy remains focused. If he wanders off course due to anxiety or blinkered perfectionism, she’ll redirect him. Together, they’ll make a fine team that’s dynamic yet grounded.

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