Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Pisces Compatibility

ScorpioWatery bliss and a dreamlike connection bond this pair in a deeply emotional way. Though time may bring an almost bland familiarity to their union, this combo still shares a comfort and ease that makes it easy for them to both initiate a new relationship and ultimately bring it to an ongoing place of commitment and longevity.

Venus in Scorpio expresses love with a great deal of depth and power. Private and possessive, this Venus trusts slowly, but hangs on for life once she does open up. Emotional and physical passion are a required — not optional — part of a satisfying relationship for this Venus sign placement. Thriving on a challenge, Venus in Scorpio wants to explore and understand every part of her partner’s psyche and emotional intricacies. Venus placed here attracts in a magnetic way, drawing her lover towards her with a focus and intensity unmatched by any other Venus placement.

PiscesMars in Pisces is gently and romantically passionate, wooing his partner with an intuitive sense of the other’s needs and desires. Mars placed in the sign of the Fish needs to have a bit of escape involved in his intimate encounters, whether this be through fantasy, substances or some sort of infusion of spiritual or religious practices. This Mars has an indirect approach to expressions of lust and will, preferring to keep things vague and indeterminate. But as a lover, Mars in Pisces is thoughtful, imaginative and compassionate, though he may also be lacking in boundaries.

Together, Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Pisces supply each other with the emotional material each needs to feel satisfied, meeting on a psychic plane that they both understand — even if they may not be able to articulate it. They exchange information through their expression of feelings and impressions, sensitive to each other’s most private moods and needs.

If things begin to feel a little too comfortable with this pair, a good airing out of any backed up resentments or unexpressed emotions will help keep things fresh and constantly evolving. Because of the ease with which Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Pisces relate, they may sometimes take their compatibility for granted. But just like any other couple, this duo still needs to do the work, tending the flame of their love with focused care and loving attention.

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