Magnetic Attraction Synastry – The Eighth House and Its Ruler

I’ve written before about the kinds of partners/lovers that you are attracted to and what you do to get their attention. But what about the people that you attract without trying? I’m talking about the types that always seem to be drawn to you, whether you’re interested or not. This magnetic attraction synastry.

magnetic attraction synastry

The 8th House

You can blame the 8th House for this. Ruled by Scorpio, it represents sex, shared resources, death, compulsions, phobias and anything else that you don’t have control over. Opposite from the 2nd House of security, almost everything about the 8th makes people uneasy—including those it draws in.

The kind of people that you magnetize are determined by the sign on the cusp of the 8th.

For example, If your 8th House cusp is in Aquarius, you will attract Aquarian types. Let’s say the ruler of Aquarius (Uranus) is in your 4th House conjunct your Moon in Libra.

You will attract those who upset your emotional (Moon) balance (Libra). They’ll impact you deeply, as the 4th House represents family, childhood and your past. Note that they do not have to be Sun sign Aquarians. They could have Aquarius emphasized in their chart by sign, planet (Uranus) or house (11th House).

Can you change this?

So what to do with this 8th House energy if you don’t like who you’re drawing in? Can you change things? Yes and no. Aquarius on the cusp of the 8th will always be Aquarius. If you want to attract more stable types, you can’t morph the sign into Capricorn.

But the 8th is about transformation. It holds all your baggage, so the people it draws in are going to reflect what’s sitting in your psychological basement.

Back to our Aquarian example. Moon conjunct Uranus indicates a conflicting desire for stability and excitement. You’re not happy when single, but restlessness kicks in when you settle down. Hence the electrifying, upsetting people that you attract. The key is finding a balance at home (4th House) between freedom and security.

This could be done with an understanding partner or a home business that meets your emotional needs. Once this internal balance is achieved, the people you draw in may become interesting rather than upsetting. They’ll be inspiring friends instead of traumatizing lovers.

Let’s look at another example

Scorpio on the cusp of the 8th and Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) in the 7th.

“Great,” you might think. I attract the kind of men I view as ideal, 7th House partners.” But maybe these guys become controlling, possessive stalkers. When do you get a relationship where you can actually breath? Since the 7th represents your projected qualities, the key would be to work on your own sense of power. Then you could experience an intense, passionate relationship without the manipulation.

The 8th House is not straightforward. It represents some of the most challenging issues that people will ever confront. Many times it’s easier to avoid it altogether. This is why dealing with the people it magnetizes can be so difficult. Just remember that the energy the 8th sends out starts from within (Scorpio). You can’t totally change it, but you can alter it with tools ranging from basic self-awareness to therapy.

Once the energy shifts, the types that you attract will become the healthiest people for you.

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