Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Taurus Compatibility

CapricornVenus in Capricorn and Mars in Taurus are like two happy gnomes, diligently working away together to create a stable and secure foundation for their life together. Their combined earthy nature finds them enjoying all the fruits of the material realm, including eating, shopping and sex. As a couple, they are grounded and practical, with an eye towards long-term goals and sustainability.

Venus in Capricorn is not the type to be swept off her feet by romantic gestures and impulsive actions. Instead, this Venus wants to know she can depend on her partner for real support, both financial and otherwise. Loyal and steadfast, Venus in Capricorn is looking for a long-term commitment rather than an occasional playmate. She may be shy and even a little gruff at first about expressing her love and affection in relationships, but over time and with patience, she will warm up. Venus in Capricorn knows how to patiently wait for love to grow and is willing to work to make a relationship succeed.

TaurusMars in Taurus may move slowly towards the object of his affection, but once he does get going, he is hard to stop. He pursues with a steady and plodding motion, undeterred by minor setbacks or momentary glitches. Like the god Pan, the earthy intensity of Mars in Taurus can be sexy and just a little scary at the same time. This Mars loves to indulge in sensual pleasures, reveling in the joy of having a body.

When these two earth creatures come together, they can create a safe and comfortable respite for each other, one that allows them to move at their own pace. This pair’s only challenge is that their commonality can turn into stagnation and boredom. But if they work to keep things interesting, their partnership will stay rewarding over the long-term.

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