How to Attract A Leo Man

So, you want to know how to seduce a Leo guy? Firstly know that often a Leo man likes to be center stage but he appreciates a strong partner. So a confident partner who lets her Leo be the center of attention, but she herself doesn’t get lost along the way is ideal.

Let’s look more closely at his personality, to understand how to grab the attention of a Leo man. The best way to attract anyone is to understand them well first.

Leo sign (July 23 – August 22) – Fire sign – Ruled by the sun – Common Leo personality traits: Fiery, king of the jungle, charming, loyal, confident.

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About the Leo star sign

Leos are people with strong personalities and values. Both men and women have a unique charm and magnetic features that attract the admiration of others. There is nothing more a Leo male likes than to be appreciated and admired. He is loyal and ambitious, and the fire element gives him a passion that is hard to equal.

A Leo will always thrive in a leading position or the spotlight. They are artistic and often find their calling in careers such as actors, singers, as writers and painters. 

A Leo man will get the attention of everyone as they get in a room. Just like the lion, which represents them, he is often the leader of the pack and likes to own the title of being the best in everything they do. Leo men are loyal and reliable and enjoy spending time with their “herd” of favorite people.

But you have to know that his heart doesn’t come easy, and being in their life is a privilege you will have to earn. Your efforts will all be worth it though, because your Leo man will reciprocate your feelings, attention, and care, and he will often offer more than he receives. 

Leo men are very generous and like to spoil their loved ones with expensive gifts and great gestures. They are the party’s soul and can’t stand seeing their loved ones sad or down. These men are confident and like to spread their positivity everywhere they go. Leo men are true gentlemen who love to show their romantic side to the special woman of their life.

Due to their royal personalities, Leo men also have fragile egos and are perfectionists. But more often than not, their hearts are in the right place. They are also kind and gentle, always ready to help someone in need. They are very protective and supportive of their partner, who they don’t hesitate to show off. 

The three types of Leo men 

Although all Leos are known for their royal and generous nature, the first thing to note is that they are not all born equal. You will find three types of Leos in the world, and your Leo man might lean more towards one category than others. 

The over-protective Leo will stand up for the people he loves as well as the beliefs he has. If he thinks he is correct or doing the right thing, he will not back off and make sure everyone understands his position. They do that in a noble way, and they usually end up being the hero of a situation. These Leo men are also very loyal and extremely devoted to their partners.

If you have one in your life, know they will be in your corner even in the toughest situations. They also appreciate people with the same values and stand for their truth in front of others with courage and dignity. 

The “King” Leo is the royal type of Leo and the most perfectionistic. These guys have high expectations to achieve the best version of not only themselves but also those around them. Your Leo king might seem hard to access and even aloof in his regal and dignified nature that he carries everywhere he goes.

They like to be glamorous and stand out in a crowd. And as much as they like to be admired, they also tend to have an introverted side. So, it might be difficult to get to know them, but once they welcome you into their life, they will be one of the best connections you have. 

The “Performer” Leo is the strong personality type that gives Leos the title of the entertainer of the zodiac. They shine everywhere they go, and they tend to be very popular. They are mostly extroverted, at least while they are in view.

These performers enjoy telling stories and having lots of attention of everyone present. But they also have a very sensitive side and can be very romantic. They are very generous and kind, and even if they love attention, they also like to share it with others with the same type of positive energy. 

How to attract a Leo man

Regardless of the type of Leo man you have your eyes on, certain things will help make a Leo man notice you.

Build an independent life 

Leos might be one of the zodiac’s most independent signs, but they also appreciate this quality in other people. He likes an independent woman. One who has her own objectives and ambitions. Leo men consider independent women equal in many respects, which is a great compliment! 

Make him genuine compliments. 

While Leo men love compliments and knowing they are admired, you want to keep it real. Buttering him up with disingenuous compliments is not the way to make a Leo man fall for you. They have a sixth sense of fake flattery and don’t appreciate it. Your Leo man will know immediately if you mean your words or if you say them because you know that is what they like to hear. 

Show him your vulnerable side. 

Leo man will cherish your vulnerable side, and they might even take it upon themselves to protect you. The more you let your Leo in, the more he will feel comfortable with you and want to allow you into his world. Just keep it genuine because he expects honesty from people over anything else. 

Let him lead

These men are natural leaders. Though they like a confident woman, trying to take over his leadership is like going against his very nature. Plus, the more you let your Leo man lead, the more he will pamper you and show affection toward you. Let him make the first move, arrange the first date and guide you now and then. 

Cherish his opinions 

The opinions of a Leo are never empty. They make sure to back them up with arguments and research to support their views. And nothing turns them off more than someone who likes to undermine their opinions and overall thoughts. 

Let a Leo man chase you 

Leo men love the seduction game. All you need to do is let them notice you and show them why they might want to offer you their attention. Besides that, your Leo will not hesitate to chase you in subtle or less subtle ways. It is important, though, to not play hard to get as a Leo will not appreciate that. They like a good challenge but will find other prey if you exaggerate with this approach. 

Tell him what you want. 

The thrill of the chase is fun at first, but if you’re serious then the direct approach is always the best approach for a Leo man. They don’t like to be left guessing and prefer to know exactly what you mean when you talk to them. If you want an affair or a long-term relationship, it is better to let them know what your intentions are from the beginning. 

Join his social side 

Leo men have a very developed social side, regardless of their personality type. Some of them will be the life of the party more than others, but the desire to be social and have a good time is there. They also like to have their partner near during these events, so don’t refrain from joining them when they ask you to go to a party or other type of social gathering. They need to ensure that you are a great pair in public view, too, not just at home. 

What NOT to do when you want to attract a Leo man 

Now that you know how to attract the fiery Leo man you want, it is just as important to know how not to lead him away from you. Here are a few things you shouldn’t consider doing if you want to win the heart of a Leo man.

  • Don’t criticize him. Criticizing a Leo man is never a good idea. However, try the diplomatic approach if you have to let him know that your opinion is different than his or that you dislike something they said or did. They will still not be thrilled, but they will tolerate it much better this way. 
  • Don’t ask them to change. Your Leo man knows that there is space for growth in all of us, but he doesn’t like others to the point that out when it comes to him. If he needs or wants to change, it will be his decision. And he expects you to be there for support but not to suggest that he needs to correct his royal nature. 
  • Don’t put down their authority. As Leos are born leaders, they also like their authority. Without exaggerating this leadership, a Leo will want to be taken seriously. If you mock them or diminish their leadership, especially in public, they will be gone and never come back to you. 
  • Don’t lie to them. No one likes to be lied to, but Leos will simply not look at you the same again. Their relationships must be based on trust, and they can’t trust someone who lied to them. 
  • Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Because Leos can be so dominant, it’s important that you can be strong in yourself so as to not be overpowered by a strong personality. The Leo man likes to lead and take charge but it comes at the cost of your own self, then that’s not a good match for the future. The most important thing is to be yourself to see if he would be a good potential partner for you.

Most compatible zodiac signs for a Leo man

This sun sign can be compatible with almost all zodiac signs if both individuals involved in a relationship are willing to compromise for the common good. But some signs will be better matched for a Leo man than others. 


Most of the time, a Leo man and a Leo woman can be a perfect match. This couple will be romantic, passionate, and very social. They support each other most and don’t mind taking turns leading things. Plus, the mutual understanding and attraction between a Leo man and a Leo woman are hard to find in any other combination. This couple works so well together because they create an ego-boosting feedback loop. 


Libra women are also one of the best matches for Leo men. Both these signs like attention, and they can be extremely romantic. As long as they have a deep emotional connection, a Libra and a Leo partner could have a harmonious relationship and even a long life together. It is important, however, for the Libra woman to not be sensitive to Leo’s authoritarian nature and to give them the spotlight often. 


Aries and Leo are two fire signs that will attract each other. Passion will be present, as well as mutual interest and support. But they will also be in a competition, which can ruin their relationship. If an Aries woman is happy with a Leo man, she has to minimize the competition between them. After all, being in a relationship means being on the same team. They can be one of the most successful couples if they learn to cooperate. 


Leo and Aquarius are opposite signs. Since Leo is fire and Aquarius is air (not water, as there are still rumors!), there is also a natural dependency in such a match. But this can be a healthy one as Leo will like the calmness of the Aquarius, and they will feel at peace in their company. On the other hand, the Aquarius woman will appreciate the royal nature of her Leo man and feel special for being in his life. This relationship could be problematic when the Aquarius woman acts aloof or detached while the Leo man needs regular signs of affection and appreciation. 

A Leo man will treat his partner as a queen and all he expects in return is to be treated like the king he is. Once you have his heart, you can build a beautiful life together as one of the most exciting couples.

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