How To Tell if a Mars in Leo Man or Woman Is Into You

Mars in Leo is not shy about expressing his attraction. He’s all about larger-than-life romance, passion and fun. You may feel as if you’ve been hit by a blizzard of diamonds and champagne when The King or Queen turns his/her attention to you.

But is all this fuss too good to be true? Read on to discover what’s behind Mars in Leo’s gilded efforts.

The Show

Mars in Leo figures there’s no point in half-way measures if he’s into you. He knows he has so much to offer, and he’ll definitely make the first move. This can be alluring, but the sparkle-coated cherry on this confidence sundae is his love of grand, romantic gestures. He may be self-assured, but he also wants an audience (you).

That means his efforts will be designed to impress. The things he does may vary, but they’ll have on thing in common: they’ll show off what he has (money, connections, talent). Could be a fancy meal, catered for the two of you in an amazing location. Or 100 red roses. Or you in the seat of honor at his show.

Whatever he does, his actions will be designed to put him in the best possible light, while blowing you away. If you analyze it, you’ll get the feeling that what he’s doing is as much about his happiness as your happiness. His primary motivation, even when he’s head over heels in love, is to express his ego and power.

If Mars in Leo wants you, she won’t keep it a secret from anyone else. She must have that audience, so she’ll want everyone to see how amazing you are, and how amazing she is as she woos you. Even the most intimate occasions will “accidentally” be leaked to a few other people. This doesn’t mean that she’ll have cameras in the bedroom (protecting her dignity is important) but she sees no point in secrets.

The only reason she would hide her relationship with you is if she wasn’t proud to have you in her life. And if that was the case, she wouldn’t waste her time getting to know you in the first place.

After the Show

Another great thing about Mars in Leo: he knows how to commit. He may love drama and glitz, but he also wants to ride off into the sunset with you, his true love, for ever and ever. Okay, maybe he loves the fantasy of commitment more than the reality. But he’s still a Fixed sign.

Once he focuses on you, it will take a lot to turn his attention elsewhere. But if you want to lose his interest, try depriving him of what his inner child needs. The truth about Mars in Leo is that, underneath the pride, he’s still a child. He needs to keep the fun and games alive. The danger zone of a relationship is when the initial rush of passion fades and routine sets in.

While this can’t be totally avoided, know that your Mars in Leo partner will always need something to stoke his fire. If you restrict or belittle him, you’ll douse his flame. Don’t occasionally compliment him, he’ll start looking around for another audience.

If you refuse to join him in frivolous fun activities, he’ll start to question why the pleasure has died. He may be capable of great fidelity, but he won’t tolerate being shut down or ignored.

Sex with Mars in Leo

Which brings us to sex with Mars in Leo. She will be one of the most passionate, exciting partners you’ve ever had. But it will always be about her. She is narcissistic, and this is not a judgement call. It’s simply a statement of fact. Her primary motivation is pleasure for herself, which means you’ll be the source of that pleasure.

She’s proud of her body, skills and performance, because they reflect her personal power. She’s also likely to be dominant. A surefire way to turn her off is to critique her performance, or do something that takes away her dignity. Because for all her childlike enthusiasm, she has a core sense of pride that is absolutely sacred.

Comments about changing her technique, or trying something that takes away her power in the bedroom, will be the kiss of death for the relationship. Dramatic? Yes. But so is Mars in Leo.

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