Venus in Leo, Mars in Virgo Compatibility

LeoLike a Queen and her courtier, Venus in Leo and Mars in Virgo form an unlikely but understandable partnership that can thrive if other chart interactions are harmonious. Their fire and earth combination requires a willingness from each of them to stretch and grow to reach the other. Venus in Leo will need to learn to temper her ego and Mars in Virgo must let go of some of his standards of perfection. From their efforts to change, a satisfying relationship is possible.

Venus in Leo prides herself on her ability to love with flair and pizzazz. With a big heart and great passion, this Venus enters into relationships with warmth and a playful spirit. Though her bossy ways can sometimes undermine her path to true love, her usually healthy ego allows her to bounce back fairly quickly and jump back into the game of love.

VirgoMars in Virgo brings a precision and thoroughness to love and relationships that is hard to match. This Mars sets higher standards for himself than anyone else, but nonetheless, his expectations can sometimes be daunting. When Mars in Virgo is relaxed, his earthy nature shines with a pure sensuality that others are easily attracted to.

Venus in Leo loves Mars in Virgo’s desire to serve, but can feel oppressed at times by his need for constant improvement in their relationship. Mars in Virgo admires Venus in Leo’s charm and easy warmth, but he also sometimes finds her frivolous and high maintenance. If this couple can work through their differences and focus on what unites them, they can reach a place of understanding and acceptance that will create the foundation for an enduring union.

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