Venus in Sagittarius, Mars in Cancer Compatibility

SagittariusFiery enthusiasm meets watery sensitivity with this couple, and it’s not an easy mix. Venus in Sag’s straightforward enthusiasm will disrupt Mars in Cancer’s moody, sheltering vibe. They can learn a lot from each other … but should they even give this a try?

Venus in Sagittarius is the passionate explorer. Curiosity is combined with the desire to experience life full on and up close. Miss Sag will charm her partner with a combination of philosophical probing and unaffected openness. Enthusiastic exploration (in and out of the bedroom) interests her more than fussy gifts and flowery romance. Generous and forgiving to a fault, she simply overlooks little annoyances because they’re not worth the hassle. Venus in Sagittarius has a reputation for honesty that veers into bluntness. She’s too good natured to be cruel, but her partner will need to have a thick skin.

CancerMars in Cancer is the passionate caregiver. A sensual and emotional lover, he combines sex with nurturing. Mr. Cancer is shy and self-protective, preferring an indirect approach when someone catches his eye. Once he is in a relationship, he can hang onto his lover with surprising tenacity, creating an atmosphere that is sheltering and smothering. Mars in Cancer has a quick temper that will flare up when he feels ignored, unappreciated or threatened.

If Venus in Sag is interested, she’ll let Mars in Cancer know immediately. He won’t have time for more than a couple of steps in her direction before she barges through his defenses. She’ll be so disarming that he probably won’t mind, and they’ll begin a passionate affair where emotions run at a fever pitch.

But after the glow fades, Mars in Cancer will be constantly upset by Venus in Sagittarius’s apparent disregard for his needs. He’ll stay home and sulk while she goes out on adventures. When she finally comes home, she’ll act like nothing’s wrong.  She’ll have no desire to hurt Mars in Cancer, but she just won’t take the time to consider how she’s trampling his feelings. Sagittarius will find Cancer’s neediness suffocating and will probably want out in short order.

Much adjustment will be needed if these two signs want to make a relationship work. Mars in Cancer will need to become less sensitive and learn that not everything is about him. Venus in Sagittarius will need to consider her partner’s feelings before she acts.  If they can work this out, they might be able to sustain a richly passionate relationship.

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