Venus in Aquarius, Mars in Scorpio Compatibility

AquariusWhen the social scientist (Venus in Aquarius) and the “dark, mysterious, stranger” (Mars in Scorpio) form a bond, anything can happen. Air and water meet in a potent blend of tension that can be sexy or irritating, depending on the individuals involved. Either way, something is bound to happen when these two forces of nature are let loose in the same room.

Venus in Aquarius wants to break the conventional rules of romance and make up her own laws of love. Desiring partners who are unconventional or at least very different from her, this Venus thrives on change and excitement in relationships. Venus in Aquarius needs to have plenty of space to be herself, free from others’ expectations and demands; otherwise, she starts to feel oppressed and emotionally detached. This Venus can be like a cool clinician in love, detached and unemotional, who easily disconnects from her heart when she feels others are trying to control her.

ScorpioMars in Scorpio is a smoldering sexpot who can easily spend all his time engaged in the carnal arts. Seeking challenge and intensity in relationships, Mars placed in the sign of the Scorpion only stings when he’s been stepped on. This Mars placement is all-encompassing, magnetizing others to him with the considerable power of his will. With a deep desire to merge, Mars in Scorpio seeks a partner whose appetite for intimacy matches his own. His demanding nature means he isn’t always easy, but he’s guaranteed to be interesting.

Venus in Aquarius will find Mars in Scorpio slightly disturbing, as he gets under her skin in a way no other sign/planet combo can. Whether she enjoys this disturbance over the long haul is the question. Mars in Scorpio is intrigued by Venus in Aquarius’s distance, but wonders if he’ll ever get as close to her as he would like. The tension between this couple is sure to keep the passion between them alive, and if each can live with their differences, they may have a union that lasts over the long term.

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