Venus in Aquarius, Mars in Cancer Compatibility

AquariusDetachment and emotion make an uneasy mix with this couple. Aquarius loves the edge, and Cancer needs to feel safe … but it turns out they each have a little something the other can use.

Venus in Aquarius is the untouchable star.  Glamorous and off-beat, she loves the idea of a relationship but is not crazy about having a partner. Compromise does not come naturally to the woman who lives on the periphery of the crowd. She is not comfortable with emotional intensity and will maintain a friendly distance, even when she’s in love. Some partners misinterpret her cool emotional expressions as lack of feeling. They don’t realize that what she does say has just as much depth as a passionate declaration. Venus in Aquarius is capable of great fidelity as long as she does not feel trapped.

CancerMars in Cancer is all about nurturing. Here is the sensitive man so in touch with his feelings that they overflow. Self-protective to begin with, he becomes a passionate, instinctive lover who understands his partner’s needs. The relationship is everything to him, and he can create a cocoon that is alternately comforting and smothering. He knows how to take care of someone but demands the same in return. If Mars in Cancer feels neglected, he can nurse resentments that flare into outbursts of temper.

Mars in Cancer will be drawn to Ms. Aquarius’s unusual magnetism. He is the master of one-on-one interactions and will quickly figure out what she wants. This will hold her attention for a while, and she’ll be drawn to the intuitive bond that develops between them. The trouble will start when Cancer wants to go deeper. He’ll push for more, Venus in Aquarius will feel smothered and decide she’s had enough.

This doesn’t have to turn into a worst-case scenario. Mars in Cancer can show Aquarius that dipping into emotional waters does not always lead to drowning.  A mature Cancer can be sensitive enough to know just what works for Aquarius, a sign that others find maddeningly inscrutable. Venus in Aquarius can teach Cancer how to step back and get some perspective. She is one partner who will not take his temper tantrums seriously. This is not an easy match, but if more binding elements are present in their synastry, these two can teach each other a lot.

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