Venus in Libra, Mars in Taurus Compatibility

LibraAir and earth meet in a pairing based on a shared appreciation for beauty and relaxation. Though this couple may not see eye to eye on everything, their mutual desire to enjoy the finer things in life gives them something in common. The challenge for Venus in Libra and Mars in Taurus is to build a union that has both depth and intimacy, as they may have a tendency to get stuck in the shallow side of life.

Venus in Libra is all about the romance. She wants flowers, frills, bells and whistles in love. An old-fashioned courtship suits her just fine, and manners are required to even get in the door with this Venus. In return, she offers a charm and elegance that is unmatched. Venus in Libra is the ultimate hostess with the mostess, and can transform a dump into a palace and a frog into a prince like no other sign.

TaurusMars in Taurus seeks a sensual union with his partner in love—wanting, like a hog in mud, to wallow in comfort and pleasure. This Mars is steady and sure in his desires, but can be stubborn about letting go. Though not a big verbal communicator, Mars placed in the sign of the bull has an excellent vocabulary of the senses.

Venus in Libra enjoys Mars in Taurus’ love of the good life, but she may find that he is a little more “real” than she can handle. Her airy need for balanced communication may also conflict with his “strong and silent” personality. Mars in Taurus admires Venus in Libra’s beauty, both inner and outer, but may not feel like he can really relax and be himself around her. Despite these challenges, if these two can make peace with their places of disconnect, they may find much that brings them together.

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