Venus in Aquarius, Mars in Aquarius Compatibility

AquariusLike two aliens from outer space, Aquarian Venus and Mars can prove to be ideal companions for each other, bonded strangers in a strange land. The sheer wackiness of Aquarius lends this couple an aura of weirdness and ingenuity that others may find intriguing, but also just plain bizarre. You name it, they’ve probably tried it, since experimentation in love is what it’s all about for this couple.

Venus in Aquarius thrives on freedom, independence and making up her own rules. She usually expresses her love by sharing her ideas and giving the object of her affection lots of space to be himself. But expect the unexpected with this Venus, because though she may appear traditional at first, dig a little deeper and you’ll find some interesting quirks that arise in her relationship patterns and behaviors. Venus in Aquarius is one of the hardest Venus placements to describe, since she loves to be outside the box, breaking rules and turning traditions on their head.

Mars in Aquarius pursues the object of his affection in a erratic pattern that may also be hard to discern. Desiring freedom, nonconformity and innovation, this Mars has a rebellious streak that often shows up when his will is being thwarted. Tell this Mars “no” and he’ll immediately want to make you say “yes.” Tell him “yes” and he may not be so very interested anymore. Ultimately, what he wants is to express his own uniqueness through his intimate relationships. If he can truly be himself with his partner, then the need to rebel for the sake of rebelling loses some of its thrill.

Though Venus and Mars in Aquarius’ need for space and freedom in relationships may sometimes leave them at an emotional (or physical) distance from each other, they will always have their own unique way of coming back into connection. Trying to predict what this process is would be almost impossible, since this combo’s ability to innovate and dream up new ways to relate cannot be overstated.

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