Relationship Readings Without an Accurate Birth Time

Astrologers assert that accurate birth times of both individuals are imperative for precise synastry and composite analysis. A vague or unknown birth time of a partner can entirely skew the readings. However, what if the exact birth minute is unknown, especially for a potential partner you’re not yet close to?

This article delves into this possibility, keeping in mind that it isn’t a how-to guide on chart rectification, a complex process of calculating birth time by backtracking major life events.

The Importance of Precise Birth Time

Let’s say you know your birth time accurately, but your partner’s time is completely unknown. Aspects such as the Ascendant and other house cusps rely on birth time. The Ascendant shifts approximately one degree every four minutes, and other house cusps follow its lead.

Without a birth time, their house positions are unknown, obscuring the insight into the areas of your partner’s chart your planets stimulate. Does your partner perceive you as a 7th House partner? Do you influence them on their deepest, 8th House level?

The absence of birth time also means their house rulers, including the chart ruler (ruling planet of the sign their AC falls in) and their 7th House ruler (indicative of what they seek in a partner), will be unknown.

The moon moves

The Moon moves roughly half a degree per hour, or 12 degrees per day. Depending on their birth time, your partner’s Moon might be on the cusp of a sign. If the birth time isn’t precise, you’re left guessing which sign their Moon (core needs) falls under.

Making guesses about someone’s Moon sign can be intriguing but it’s imprecise. Even if you think you know them well, their Moon’s instinctual behavior is not clearly discernible. It can be strongly influenced by house position and aspects to natal planets. Occasionally, even their Sun sign may be unknown if they were born on a cusp.

Similarly, the scenario with Mercury and Venus, which move approximately one degree per day, barring stationary and retrograde motion.

In the case of the Composite chart, it is calculated from the midpoints of the natal charts. An inaccurate birth time for one partner obscures the Composite house positions and rulers. If the house position of the Composite Sun is unknown, you lose clarity on where the relationship’s central focus lies.

Will it be intimate exchange (8th House), children (5th House), or traveling and exploring (9th House)? Furthermore, it would be difficult to determine where other relationship energies will express themselves.

What You Can Learn Despite Inaccurate Birth Time

Despite all of these limitations, an inaccurate birth time shouldn’t deter you from having a reading. There is still some useful information you can glean about the connections between you and the other person.

  • Energy exchange: Ignoring their Moon, the signs and degrees of your partner’s planets (with a few exceptions) will be accurate. This means you’ll also know the aspects most of their planets (excluding their Moon) make to your planets. For instance, your Saturn will likely square their Venus, regardless of their birth time, offering crucial information on the interaction of love (Venus) and authority (Saturn) between you two.
  • Energy of the relationship: Most aspects between Composite planets (excluding the Moon) should be accurate. Whatever is accurate in the synastry analysis will translate to the Composite chart. A Composite Sun/Saturn conjunction, if it exists, can still be pointed out. Aspects from Uranus to Composite Venus could indicate that the mutual expression of love will be unconventional or require a significant degree of freedom.

I have not delved into asteroids, the Vertex, Part of Fortune, Black Moon Lilith, or other parts and points. Though these components are intriguing, the planets (including Chiron) and Nodes are the fundamental building blocks of any relationship reading. You should always consider them first. They convey the main story, while everything else adds depth and background information.

In an ideal world, we’d all have our exact birth times at our disposal. However, life is teeming with unknowns, and sometimes we have to work with the information at hand. Despite accurate birth times being the gold standard for readings, it’s still possible to gain understanding of your relationship without this information.

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