Venus in Taurus, Mars in Aries Compatibility

TaurusThe turtle (Venus in Taurus) and the hare (Mars in Aries) meet in an unlikely match that may seem odd to some. Venus in Taurus is all about “slow and steady wins the race” when it comes to love and romance, while Mars in Aries is more the “wham, bam, thank you ma’am” type. Put the two together, and they may not see eye to eye. With a bit of dedication and effort though, these two can share many pleasurable interludes together.

As an earth mama deluxe, Venus in Taurus offers up a love that is uncomplicated and real. She rarely changes her mind once she’s decided on a partner, and is known for her ability to stay the course over the long term. Stable and steadfast, this Venus has a sensual appetite for life that makes her an amazing cook, masseuse, gardener and all around homey go-to girl. Plan on committing if you elicit her interest, because this Venus is known for hanging on to what she loves. She rarely lets go of anything valuable if she doesn’t absolutely have to.

AriesMars in Aries is a powerhouse of passion, burning through people, places and experiences with gusto. Craving excitement, this Mars may find it hard to settle down into a stable, day-to-day kind of relationship. Long distance love, dramatic affairs and other high anxiety romantic entanglements can keep Mars in Aries entertained for awhile. Failing that, this Mars needs a partner who will provide a challenge, or at least regular chills and thrills. Otherwise, he may crave multiple partners to provide him with the adrenalin rush he needs in love.

While Venus in Taurus may initially feel a rush of excitement at Mars in Aries’ bold approach, he can quickly wear on her with his constant need for action. Mars in Aries appreciates the sensual challenge that Venus in Taurus presents to him, but he can become bored with her step-by-step approach to romance. Though this is not a natural pairing, if this couple learns to adapt to each other’s pacing, they can share a fulfilling love.

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