Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Aquarius Compatibility

CapricornCapricorn wants to maintain the status quo and Aquarius wants to be liberated from it. Can The Conformist and The Outsider maintain a relationship? Surprisingly, these two signs do share something in common.

Venus in Capricorn plays by the rules. She follows a traditional path with relationships built on commitment and status. Ms. Capricorn needs a lover who she can respect and who will respect her rules (because she’ll be laying down the law). Her authoritarian ways may be too much for some, but Venus in Capricorn can be one of the most loyal partners around. She demonstrates her love by expertly managing the relationship and providing rock-solid support for her lover.

AquariusMars in Aquarius breaks the rules. This cool rebel enjoys the view from the edge as he stands back and observes. Here is the eccentric lover who is up for anything. Sexual experimentation is his forte, but heavy emotional scenes are not. Mr. Aquarius approaches feelings with detached curiosity, although he can be a steadfast friend (even to his ex lovers). Mars in Aquarius stubbornly guards his freedom. If he feels hemmed in, he may do something perverse just to initiate a breakup.

What exactly do these two have in common? Believe it or not, both signs used to share Saturn as a ruling planet (before Uranus was discovered). Aquarius shares Capricorn’s cool rationality and unbending Saturn strength. (Have you ever tried to change an Aquarian’s mind?) Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Aquarius will feel very comfortable with each other’s lack of emotional demands. The lack of teary scenes and heated arguments will be a relief. But the lack of passion may get a little stale.

Conflicts will arise because both are so ferociously set on their agendas. Venus in Capricorn will try to push Aquarius in a certain direction, and he’ll respond by running the other way. It’s possible for them to work together, but they’ll have to rely more on their detachment than their respective need for control.

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