Venus in Gemini, Mars in Scorpio Compatibility

GeminiLight and frothy Venus in Gemini and deep, dark Mars in Scorpio are unlikely to feel drawn to each other at first glance. If these two decide to develop a more intimate relationship, it may take some time to flourish. They’ll each need to keep an open mind and make a commitment to understanding each other’s differences in order for a relationship to take root.

Airy Venus in Gemini buzzes through the world with a long list of questions. She enjoys a partner who will keep her interested intellectually and not try to tie her down. Playful and carefree, Venus in Gemini approaches love with a little distance and lots of curiosity. Though sometimes fickle and evasive with facts, she has a charm that is hard to resist. At her best, Venus in Gemini can talk anyone into just about anything.

ScorpioMars in Scorpio instinctively knows who he is drawn to—and once he sets his sites on someone, he has a hard time giving up. This Mars can be obsessive in love, wanting only to be closer to the object of his desire. Though this passionate intensity can get out of balance, it creates a depth of character in Mars in Scorpio that is both seductive and mysterious. This Mars views sex and emotions to be tightly linked and has a hard time separating the two, even in more casual encounters.

Venus in Gemini’s curiosity is sparked by Mars in Scorpio’s hidden depths, but she may grow impatient with his moodiness. Mars in Scorpio finds Venus in Gemini to be entertaining and interesting, but may not feel he can go very deep with her. With a few adjustments however, this couple can reach a place of mutual regard.

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