Sun in Aquarius Moon in Taurus Compatibility

This post looks at the compatibility between the combination of Sun in Aquarius Moon in Taurus.

These Fixed signs are firmly entrenched in their ways. Sun in Aquarius’ insistence on walking his own path will clash with Moon in Taurus’ refusal to budge from her routine. However, their joint stubbornness can bind them together. Once committed, these signs are in it for the long haul. And since both are able to let most disagreements roll off their backs, this relationship could be a keeper.

Although “she” is used for the Moon and “he” is used for the Sun sign, these pronouns are only used for convenience. 

You can look at a man’s Moon and a woman’s Sun, or the Moon and Sun placements for the partners in a same-sex couple.

Graphic of a golden Aquarius on a night sky background.

Sun in Aquarius

Sun in Aquarius knows exactly where he’s going. His path may not resemble anyone else’s, but it’s his, and he’s going to walk it no matter what.

His partner is free to walk with him … or not. Sun in Aquarius won’t get too riled up if his lover disagrees with his direction in life. He’ll simply move forward without her, and no hard feelings will be evident on his side.

His apparent lack of attachment does not mean he’s a robot (he can love as deeply as any other sign). But he doesn’t waste time fretting about who’s with him and who isn’t.

He walks alone, and if someone with whom he clicks decides to join him, she can stay as long as she likes (if she doesn’t restrict him).

Graphic of a golden taurus on a night sky background.

Moon in Taurus

Moon in Taurus knows exactly what she needs: security, stability, and calmness. She is a strong and soothing partner who enjoys a simple, satisfying life.

Moon in Taurus sees no reason to complicate things. However, if her lover attempts to force change on her, this Moon will become an unmovable object, sometimes to the point of irrationality.

What appears to be a blank wall of denial is really her survival issues kicking in. At her core, she views change as a threat.

Forward movement is not impossible for her, but it must be introduced very, very gradually (with concrete proof that it will make her existence even more comfortable).

Sun in Aquarius Moon in Taurus compatibility

Moon in Taurus may initially feel threatened by Aquarius’ odd trajectory, but once she sees that he’s going to do his own thing regardless, she may decide to join him. She’ll feel comfortable with his calm approach, and won’t be put off by his coolness.

Sun in Aquarius will appreciate Taurus’ straightforward moods, and will float above her attempts to redirect him. However, he’ll also enjoy coming home to her grounding energy (even Aquarius needs a hug occasionally).

If other aspects in their charts suggest they have similar goals, these two can form an enduring relationship based on mutual commitment (with the occasional frustration thrown in).

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