Venus in Gemini, Mars in Gemini Compatibility

GeminiThese twin butterflies float easily above the rest of us mere mortals, amusing and entertaining us as they flit through the air. Their union is a natural one, as Mars in Gemini energizes Venus in Gemini’s heart and Venus in Gemini provides a supportive and loving presence for Mars in Gemini to depend on. They’ll likely spend a lot of their couple time surrounded by others, socializing, communicating, learning and teaching.

Venus in Gemini has a light and airy flair that is hard to resist. This Venus can be mercurial, coming and going without much thought, moving like the wind through a swiftly changing landscape of lovers and dates. Her sharp wit and quick mind appreciate a mate with a keen intellect, but she can also be easily distracted by anyone who is simply just a good flirt. She’ll only give her heart to a partner who keeps her entertained and intrigued, since boredom is the kiss of death for her in relationships.

Mars in Gemini will talk his way into a lover’s bed, using his considerable wit to amuse and seduce. This air Mars has a hard time sitting still and wants to be active and on the go pretty much all the time. In relationships, he needs constant mental stimulation or he can grow irritable and bored. Skilled with his hands, Mars in Gemini usually knows exactly where to put them to achieve the best results. He may however, sometimes prefer talking about sex to actually doing it.

Venus and Mars in Gemini move easily together through the world, helping each other gather fascinating morsels of news, information and ideas. Their only challenge is in keeping a spark of excitement between them, so that their relationship doesn’t become one that is more like siblings than lovers.

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