Mars in Cancer, Moon in Leo Compatibility

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Mars in Cancer’s warm and fuzzy efforts may feel dull to Moon in Leo. She needs bling and bold declarations of love, while he’ll be working to show her how comfortable he can make her. But Cancer can be passionately possessive; his moody assertiveness and short fuse may appeal to Leo’s need for drama.

Mars in Cancer wants to keep his lover safe. He’s driven to build an atmosphere of trust in his relationship, and everything (including sex) must be based on this. This is why Mars in Cancer is also protective, moody and possessive. If he senses that his nest is threatened, he’ll take action. For all the energy he pours into nurturing, he’d like the same from his partner. Outbursts of temper are a sure sign that he’s feeling neglected.

Moon in Leo needs her lover to put her first. She can be immensely strong and supportive, but her inner child emerges when she’s not receiving all the accolades and appreciation she feels she deserves. Moon in Leo has a taste for larger-than-life romance, which includes drama. If she’s feeling ignored, or if things have gotten a bit dull, she’ll stir the pot with a temper-tantrum or demanding display.

Initially, Moon in Leo may find Mars in Cancer to be a bit mundane. She’ll want excitement, and he’ll offer snuggles. But his assertiveness may appeal to her, especially if he gets frustrated when trying to prove he’s got what it takes to make her happy. If these two do form a union, it will be full of passionate highs and angry lows. Both have childishly demanding sides, as well as a taste for emotional fireworks. When they are at their best, Mars in Cancer will continually work to keep his Leo queen happy, and she’ll adore his attention, finding his possessiveness flattering.

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