Mars in Capricorn, Moon in Cancer Compatibility

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Mars in Capricorn will take control of this relationship. Capricorn is a father archetype, and Cancer is the child. This couple will gravitate towards these roles, and it should work out for them, as long as Moon in Cancer doesn’t become too dependent on her Capricorn protector.

Mars in Capricorn is the guy in charge. A prospective partner may underestimate him at first, because he doesn’t advertise his strength. Mars in Capricorn is reserved, but relentlessly determined. His all-work-and-no-play approach can come off as a bit dry, but what he lacks in swoony romance he makes up for with focused intent. Once he determines that a potential relationship is a go, he’ll be the lover who gets things done, and gets them done right.

Moon in Cancer needs to be looked after. Although she’s not inherently helpless, her core needs (which are strengthened by this sign’s rulership of the Moon) involve nurturing and security. She is most comfortable with a partner who makes her feel safe, loved and wanted. When this is distorted, she can be a needy, demanding lover. The flip side to Moon in Cancer’s neediness is her ability to take on the mother role. She needs to be needed, just as much as she requires soothing hugs. Ultimately, she does best when she feels secure enough to shift between a moderate version of these two roles.

Mars in Capricorn will be drawn to Cancer’s soft core. He’ll sense that she needs a protector, and she’ll respond to his strength and certainty. The attraction will be based on the pull of opposites. As the relationship progresses, they may slip into exaggerated versions of themselves. Capricorn could become extremely controlling, while Moon in Cancer gives up her power. But if Cancer has developed her inner security to the point where she can reflect Capricorn’s outer security, the relationship will be more balanced. Cancer will provide the empathetic love that polishes some of Mars in Capricorn’s harder edges. He’ll relax when he’s around her, and allow himself to be looked after (although no one outside of the relationship will see this).

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