Mars in Libra, Moon in Taurus Compatibility

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

These signs are ruled by Venus, but each express the planet’s energy in very different ways. Mars in Libra’s flirtations may be questionable to Moon in Taurus, who needs a sure thing. Nonetheless, if they can compromise on their different approaches, their mutual desire for love can work for them.

Mars in Libra is all about the charm. Each action is carefully calibrated to make the object of his affection feel special. His approach is indirectly assertive — he’ll make the first move, but he’ll never be pushy, coarse or inappropriate. Mars in Libra’s romantic touch (and attention to what his partner wants) can be very appealing. But his indecision and hesitation to acknowledge anger is not so appealing. Ideally, his partner will balance out this energy by being a decisive initiator who is comfortable with conflict.

Moon in Taurus needs to know where her relationship stands. She can be the rock of the partnership, providing comfort and sensual support. Her satisfaction is based on a calm, peaceful environment where all material needs are provided. Moon in Taurus knows exactly what she needs, and her self-worth is based on this. Her ideal partner will enjoy this security, while understanding that she occasionally requires a nudge in a different direction if she becomes stubbornly fixed on something.

Moon in Taurus may initially view Mars in Libra with suspicion. Rather than being won over by his charm, she’ll consider him a player. What she really needs is concrete proof that he’s serious, and if Mars in Libra can provide this, he’ll stand a chance with her. If they do get together, Taurus will be the decisive partner who has the final say. Libra may end up doing all the compromising, which can result in some passive-aggressive displays if he gets frustrated. But overall, their mutual desire for love and enjoyment could bond them.

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