Mars in Pisces, Moon in Gemini Compatibility

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Mars in Pisces will try to appeal to Moon in Gemini’s romantic side, not realizing that she really needs a witty verbal exchange. There can be lots of misunderstandings and missed connections between these two. However, both find changeable situations very appealing, so if they can maintain their mutual focus, they might just keep each other interested.

Mars in Pisces seeks to impress the object of his affection with his sensitivity and magical aura. He’ll sweep her off her feet with poetic gestures and an emo-sexy vibe. Mars in Pisces can be the wounded bad boy who needs to be cared for, or the mysterious knight who uses his soulful energy as a weapon. He’s unpredictable, promising the world, then forgetting about his commitments. Or promising nothing and then materializing when his lover least expects it.

Moon in Gemini needs verbal foreplay to catch her interest, followed by a discussion that continues for the duration of the relationship. She’s most comfortable when she can categorize everything (especially her feelings) but is not comfortable with rigid definitions. What’s right and wrong constantly change for Moon in Gemini–nothing makes her more uncomfortable than being forced to make a decision. While she loves to talk with her partner, deep discussions (or excessive displays of emotion) make her feel smothered and panicky.

Moon in Gemini will find Pisces’ sensitivity a bit of a turnoff. She’ll want to chat about things while he’ll be trying to touch her soul. Mars in Pisces may find Gemini’s emotional changeability challenging and exciting, but he could have trouble keeping up. Nonetheless, there is some elusive chemistry here. Both are mutable signs, but they slide off in different directions. Maintaining a joint focus could be difficult, but there could be enough shared intrigue to convince them to keep trying.

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