Mars in Gemini, Moon in Aries Compatibility

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Air feeds fire, so Mars in Gemini’s quick approach will excite Moon in Aries’ need for action. Mars will light the match, Aries will tend the fire, and they’ll keep the heat turned up with a constant influx of new experiences.

Mars in Gemini is the magician, using his command of words and information to weave a spell around the object of his desire. For a thinker, he doesn’t spend much time analyzing his actions. When Mars in Gemini sees what he wants, he goes for it, although his approach is light and flirtatious, rather than aggressive. His partner will learn that he’s fantastic at initiating new and enticing things, but he’s also easily distracted. The right lover (someone who’s able to keep up with his shifting desires) will preventing him from wandering, although he’ll always be conscious of other options.

Moon in Aries is the warrior, using her need for passion and excitement to drive her forward. She feels most alive when she’s being challenged, so her partner should be prepared to handle the occasional outburst of temper. When Moon in Aries is in love, she’ll fight for, with or (sometimes) against her partner. When she stops caring, she’ll simply move on. Of all the Moon signs, she’s least likely to cling to the past or stay stuck in an unhappy relationship.

Mars in Gemini will be excited by Aries’ aggressive responses, and Moon in Aries will be drawn to his promise of constant change. No stale routines here. If she catches him flirting, her competitiveness will be triggered, and she’ll remind him why he chose her to begin with. Arguments can be an aphrodisiac for these two. Together, they’ll create a volatile union that other couples may find too hot, but will suit them perfectly.

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