Mars in Scorpio, Moon in Cancer Compatibility

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Mars in Scorpio’s relentless desire blends with Moon in Cancer’s relentless nurturing, for a passionately protective couple. They will look after each other intensely, creating a highly insular relationship.

Mars in Scorpio wants one thing: his partner. Once he zeroes in on the person he wants to posses, he’ll focus all his energy on creating a two-becomes-one scenario. Intimacy equals merging for Mars in Scorpio — he must have complete access to his lover’s mind, body and soul. In return, he’ll offer his absolute loyalty and fierce protectiveness.

Moon in Cancer is all about the cycle of nurturing. She needs to be needed in order to feel safe. But she must feel safe before she will open up and nurture. This means a partner who supplies security — but who is also ready to be looked after — is essential. Moon in Cancer can be very possessive — her partner becomes her family and her territory. If she senses that her lover is slipping out of her cozy grip, her insecurities will be triggered.

Mars in Scorpio will be attracted to Cancer’s need for intimacy, and Moon in Cancer will feel secure with Mars in Scorpio’s exclusive focus. While some partners might find Scorpio’s intensity to be overwhelming, it will feed right into Cancer’s need for emotional intimacy. Other people might be suffocated by Cancer’s (s)mothering, but Scorpio will see it as proof that she knows how to get close. He’ll protect her, and she’ll care for him. Together, they’ll create their own world that gives them everything they need.

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