Mars in Capricorn, Moon in Taurus Compatibility

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This earthy union blends Mars in Capricorn’s authoritative actions with Moon in Taurus’ fixed needs. Capricorn will drive things forward, and Taurus will ensure their mutual security is guaranteed. The result will be a partnership that locks in and never wavers.

Mars in Capricorn knows what he wants, and is relentless in his pursuit. His approach to romance may be more determined than exciting, but once he enters into a relationship, he can reveal hidden reservoirs of passion. But it will take time and patience for his partner to convince him that it’s ok to relax. In the meantime, his ambitious nature will ensure that he works hard to make the relationship a success. Mars in Capricorn is a loyal, driven partner who takes his commitments very seriously.

Moon in Taurus needs comfort. If this reads as simplistic, know that it is merely a reflection of her no-frills nature. She knows what makes her happy and satisfied, and isn’t afraid to insist on it. Moon in Taurus feels most secure in an emotionally and financially stable relationship. Her deeply sensual and loyal nature will reward the partner who can give her these things, provided she decides he’s her type (remember, she knows exactly what she needs). However, change makes her uncomfortable, and she can refuse to budge if her lover wants something that contradicts her routine.

Moon in Taurus will be impressed with Capricorn’s proof of intent — he’ll show her exactly what he has to offer, and she’ll probably accept. Mars in Capricorn will be attracted to Taurus’ strength and stability, because he’s only interested in the sure thing. Together they’ll create a grounded relationship that moves forward, slowly and steadily (thanks to Capricorn). Moon in Taurus will gradually unlock Capricorn’s desires, while Mars in Capricorn’s predictable responses won’t push Taurus outside her comfort zone.

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