Dark Energy: Aspects Between Mars and Pluto in the Natal Chart

Mars equals will and primal instinct. Pluto equals power and compulsion. Combine these energies, and you have one explosive package. Now, imagine having these planets connected in your natal chart!

Aspects between natal Mars and Pluto create a potent, sometimes frightening, source of energy. Mars fires up the Pluto need for control, while Pluto intensifies Mars’ desire to conquer. Hard aspects (conjunction, opposition, square) between Mars and Pluto can be especially challenging.

These two planets are so strong that even the unity of the conjunction can create friction. The conflict of the hard aspects triggers the most intense manifestations of Mars/Pluto energy.

The Mars/Pluto Personality

Here’s the perspective of the Mars/Pluto person: they’re afraid of losing control. Any destructive or manipulative behavior that they demonstrate is a direct result of this fear. Their personal power may have been threatened or taken away in childhood. As a result, trusting and letting go are problems. 

Pluto’s need to explore the depths is activated by Mars, making them deeply suspicious. They are constantly on the lookout for ulterior motives in others, even when there are none.

The Pluto rational is this: what you don’t know can hurt you, so it’s best to get the jump on everything and everyone. Their behavior is designed to protect and stems from the subconscious conviction that their life is being threatened. That’s extreme, but Mars/Pluto people don’t experience anything half-way.

People with this aspect exude a dark magnetism. They are relentlessly determined, as Pluto’s obsessive tendencies push them to fixate on whomever they are attracted to. Challenges are mowed down when Mars’ need to conquer is fired up, and they literally pursue the object of their desire.

Fortunately for them, they have no problem drawing people into relationships. Unfortunately, this is where the difficulties can start. What happens in a partnership with someone who carries around this deeply volatile aspect?

The Challenges of Having a Mars/Pluto Partner

Being the partner of a Mars/Pluto person is no picnic. Choosing to stay in this relationship means having a strong sense of self. Not giving into unreasonable demands is important. Acquiescing may seem easier, but it’s the quickest route to Mars/Pluto’s contempt. This relationship is only suitable for those who are prepared to stand their ground.

Mars/Pluto people respect power and abhor weakness, but they also need to maintain control. They may uncover certain “flaws” in their partner and demand that a change be made. If the partner complies, they’ll face the scorn of the Mars/Pluto person, because they gave in to their demands.

If they don’t comply, they’ll endure a relentless barrage of pressure to change. With the Mars/Pluto person, love is war and there is only one winner.

Sex is a contentious issue, because Mars and Pluto both represent different aspects of it. Mars is desire and sexual instinct; Pluto is the need to penetrate another’s defenses and merge with them on the deepest possible level.

With the conflict of a hard aspect, sex can become an all-consuming obsession. Pluto’s need for control bears down on Mars, and blocks the ability to let go and be truly intimate. At the same time, Pluto’s need to push the limits is triggered, and dominance comes into play.

Sex can become a venue for the Mars/Pluto person to prove their supremacy. Their partner can feel simultaneously overwhelmed by sexual demands and distanced by the mechanical Mars/Pluto technique.

The Mars/Pluto person will be extremely jealous, but they’ll hide it (acting jealous would be a sign of weakness). They may turn the tables on their partner, covering up their own actions, even if they have nothing to hide.

This can drive their partner to distraction, because they have no idea what the Mars/Pluto person is doing. In this way, they create a jealous partner who can be more easily controlled.

The Rewards of having a Mars/Pluto Partner

But there’s good news for those willing to take up the challenge of entering into a relationship with a Mars/Pluto person. This energy lends itself to change, once effort is applied. The Mars/Pluto person may not realize what kind of impact they have on their partner.

Pluto deals with the subconscious, so most of their actions (Mars) are instinctive, rather than rational. If the Mars/Pluto person becomes aware of what he or she is doing, the transformational qualities of Pluto can be activated by Mars, in a positive way.

Fear can be a weakness, if it’s not addressed. If the Mars/Pluto person sees that it’s responsible for destructive actions, he or she may be compelled to stop it. It’s their choice, but that relentless determination can be directed towards changing their behavior for the better. Then the Mars/Pluto person can become a fearlessly intimate, profound lover.

They’ll focus on protecting their partner and relationship, rather than safeguarding power. Then, the Mars/Pluto explosive energy can be appreciated for its power for good.

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