Venus in Taurus, Mars in Capricorn Compatibility

TaurusPractical, successful and ambitious, this grounded pair may seem to have little time for the arts of love, as they seek to fulfill their desires by pursuing success in work and the material world instead. In fact, while this earthy duo does share a love of financial security and physical comfort, this does nothing to detract from the romantic chemistry that can exist between them when they make the time in their busy schedules for matters of the heart.

As the quintessential earth mama, Venus in Taurus is like a cornucopia of delights: ripe, juicy and ready to be enjoyed. This Venus has a gift for creating lush, abundant environments that overflow with sensual pleasures and physical comforts. She loves to share this fertile nature with others, especially if they express appropriate appreciation and respect, and don’t move too quickly. Slower is better when pleasing this earth goddess.

CapricornMars in Capricorn has a goaty sexiness, though it may take time to see beyond the reserved exterior this earth Mars projects. Mars in Capricorn takes sex just as seriously as he takes everything else, and devotes his utmost time and attention to ensuring that he’s covered all his bases and done a superior job. This Mars woos by impressing the object of his affection with his hard work, success and drive, showing that he is stable and can commit for the long-term.

Mars in Capricorn is attracted to Venus in Taurus’ ability to enjoy the simple things in life, and resonates with her grounded, peaceful nature. She loves his devilish sense of humor and ability to follow through on his word. Together, these two move through life as help-meets, ready to work side by side to achieve goals while periodically stopping to make time for an impromptu picnic in the park and a quick roll in the hay.

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