Venus in Cancer, Mars in Pisces Compatibility

CancerLike a gentle rainfall, Venus in Cancer and Mars in Pisces create a watery flow between them that is calm and healing. This couple has a wordless synergy that allows them to effortlessly intuit what the other is thinking and feeling. They also share a love of dreams, fantasy, art and the energetic realms of life, and will often spend time sharing these pleasures with each other.

Like the crab, Venus in Cancer approaches love with tenacity and sometimes a sideways step. Her powerful emotions bring depth to her relationships and an almost mystical quality that is hard to fathom. This Venus is also gently nurturing and able to create an oasis of healing calm for her lovers to bask in. Loyal, sometimes to a fault, Venus in Cancer loves for the long term.

PiscesSensitive and spiritual, Mars in Pisces acts on his desires with a gentle force that nonetheless has a potent power. This Mars approaches sex and love with a healthy dose of mystery, never expecting (or really even wanting) to understand his partner fully. Mars placed in the sign of the fish seeks to lose himself in his desires, achieving a transcendent state that allows him to escape momentarily from the confines of the earthly plane.

Venus in Cancer finds Mars in Pisces’ imagination and deep spirituality a welcome respite from the mundane reality of daily life. Mars in Pisces gratefully drinks in the loving nourishment offered by Venus in Cancer, happy to feel understood and accepted. Because they share a great emotional sensitivity, this allows Venus in Cancer and Mars in Pisces the ability to let down their guards with each other and really connect at an intimate level. This couple shares a special journey together, one that provides sustenance for all parts of them, body, mind and spirit.

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