How to Tell if a Mars in Capricorn Man or Woman Is Into You

Credit: shironosov via iStockphoto

Credit: shironosov via iStockphoto

Mars in Capricorn is all about focused ambition, and if he’s into you, you’ll be the focus of his ambitions. While there’s no doubt that this Mars sign knows what he wants, the challenge lies in convincing him to let down his guard.

Project Launch

Control is the mantra of this Saturn-ruled sign. Sensual passion lurks at the core of Mars in Capricorn, but you’ll have no clue about this, initially. All you’ll see is her work ethic. She’s the one most likely to stay at the office after everyone else has gone home. But she’s not doing this out of the goodness of her heart: Mars in Capricorn has a plan, and it involves her climb to the top. So if she actually takes time out of her work day to approach you with anything besides immediate necessities, pay attention. She will use work (or something else) as an excuse, but if she doesn’t have to talk to you, she may be into you. Her approach will be an odd mix of pretense mixed with underlying directness. There won’t be any flirting, and she will be a bit dry.

Mars in Capricorn is not going to make a fool of himself with someone who’s not interested. So he’s waiting for you to display some receptiveness. If you do, get ready for him to take things to Phase 2. Now he’ll try to impress you. This won’t be overt (he’s never flashy) but if he discusses his accomplishments, he’s trying to show you what he can bring to the table. If you indicate your interest in that, he’ll take things to Phase 3 — a date. The venue will probably be traditional: a nice meal or show. He’ll pay, and it will be expensive but tasteful. At this point you may wonder if he’s really that into you, because he’s not going to be demonstrative. There will probably be zero to minimal physical contact. Although he’s still evaluating you, rest assured if you’ve gotten this far he is hot for you. He’s just keeping his lust under wraps.  Remember that control is a necessity, so he must be the boss at all times. If you make a move at this point, you may cross his formidable boundaries, and there will be no second date.

Project Development

Sex will not be immediate, and the buildup make take a bit longer with this sign. Depending on how she’s dealt with her control issues, she may need a few drinks to loosen up. When you do become intimate, you’ll be surprised at her passion (that was just waiting for you to unlock it). Or, she may have all sorts of repressed desires that have become distorted. Mars in Capricorn’s greatest fear, and longing, is to lose control. This can create some interesting scenarios in the bedroom. Sex is her conduit for release, but again, she’ll have to be in charge. Occasionally, you may come across a Mars in Capricorn who is in disguise. On the outside, she’ll be proper and respectful. But inside, she’ll give free rein to her secret life. What she’s really into may shock you, especially since you thought you were getting involved with someone completely different.

Mars in Capricorn does not commit lightly. And make no mistake — he wants a commitment. If you’re at the point where you’re seeing each other regularly, things will proceed according to his carefully structured plan. For example, meet his friends, meet his family, move in together. Despite his formidable will and drive, he also wants to feel safe. And that means building a relationship with integrity. He’ll go to the ends of the earth to commit to you, but you must return the favor with honest, respectful commitment of your own. If you lie, cheat or disrespect him, you’ll be fired. He has zero tolerance for someone who abuses his trust, especially since it’s so difficult for him to trust in the first place. And while much depends on the rest of his chart, know that his actions mean absolutely everything. He may not tell you how he feels, but what he does is a direct line to his heart.

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