How to Tell if Venus in Cancer Likes You Back

When you’re attracted to a person with Venus in Cancer, prepare for an intricate dance between tender nurturing and fragile vulnerability. They possess an incredible capacity for empathy, often intuitively meeting your needs. However, gaining access to this compassionate side requires first gaining the trust of their inner child.

Initial Approach

Imagine your Venus in Cancer individual as a being encased within a protective shell, a metaphorical representation of their initial shyness. Their exterior might be friendly, but breaking the shell requires a gentle, trustworthy approach, not aggressive moves.

Signs of Affection

They’re attracted to secure, loving relationships. Signs that you’re on the right track include their increased care, a comforting touch when you’re upset, attentive listening, and providing what you need at the right moment. When they share childhood memories, it signifies their trust in you. Physical contact is especially important – they won’t touch unless they wish to become closer.

Navigating Affection

Even after exhibiting nurturing behavior, don’t rush to assume romantic intentions. They might simply be fulfilling their natural role of caregiver. Only when they initiate further will you get a clearer picture of their feelings. However, as a Cardinal sign, their moves might be subtle and indirect, so watch for flirtatious hints.

Living with Venus in Cancer

Life with Venus in Cancer will be an emotional rollercoaster. Ruled by the Moon, their love expressions fluctuate. Most of the time, they’ll be in the nurturing mode, creating a comfortable home environment. But occasionally, their inner child’s insecurities surface, and they might expect you to intuit their needs as they do yours.

Meeting Unspoken Needs

When they seem distant or upset, it could be because an unspoken need wasn’t met. It’s essential to foster open communication and reassure them you’re eager to understand and cater to their needs – but you’re not telepathic.

Dealing with High Emotion

In a secure relationship, Venus in Cancer still intermingles love with high emotions. Even when appearing controlled, expect spontaneous displays of tears, laughter, and love. Their family ties or memories from their childhood will be significant, and they might want to establish a similar close-knit circle with you.

The Importance of a Secure Home

The domestic sphere is sacred for Venus in Cancer. Damaging the security of this environment could ruin your relationship. Whether it’s infidelity, frequent absences, or disregard for their domestic routines – any actions that breach their sense of safety could trigger their protective instincts. Despite their gentle nature, never underestimate their ability to guard themselves.


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