Sun Square Sun Synastry

Squares are challenging aspects in any synastry chart, including Sun square Sun synastry. These aspects happen when two celestial bodies are 90 degrees apart. Even if squares tend to bring tension and conflicts between two partners, they are still powerful aspects that can help the romantic relationship grow in the right direction. 

When we have a Sun square Sun synastry, the connection will be one of the most intense both partners have ever experienced. These synastry aspects are worth depicting in detail to understand their complex impact on the relationship. 

The energy of the Sun 

The Sun is not only the center of our solar system but also the star around which all the other planets orbit. It governs the fixed fire sign of Leo, infusing a lot of fire into people’s charts and synastry. Beyond this, however, the Sun illuminates our inner identity. This star tells us who we are beyond our desires and illusions if interpreted correctly. 

By analyzing the placement of the Sun in a zodiac sign from our birth chart, we can determine our astrological sign. Additionally, the house in which the Sun is located indicates where we can shine the most.

The Sun sign is considered a leader in our composite chart, exerting a significant influence on all the other planets. When the Sun forms an aspect with another celestial body, it will be strong, regardless of its nature. 

We can’t twist the energy of the Sun as it is straight, bright, and impactful on everything it touches. What we can do is wisely use this energy that is also aligned with our true purpose. 

Embracing the energy of the Sun helps us become self-aware of our worth and motivated to achieve our goals. It also governs our creativity and ambition, which are crucial in fulfilling our lives. However, a negatively aspected Sun can lead to negative traits such as arrogance, judgmentalism, and self-centeredness.

The interpretation of the Sun in our astrology chart and synastries is essential for a successful self-awareness journey, but also for understanding our purpose in the world and how we might contour our most important relationships. 

Sun square Sun synastry 

When two people have a Sun square Sun synastry aspect, their relationship can be challenging. It can also be transformative if both parties are willing to work on themselves and their connection. This is the type of aspect that calls for mutual effort, but it can be gratifying too. 

The Sun represents our core identity, ego, and sense of self, so when two people’s Suns are in a square aspect, it means that their ego needs and desires may clash or challenge each other. There may be a sense of competition or power struggle in the relationship, with each person wanting to assert dominance or individuality.

On the positive side, the tension created by a Sun square Sun synastry aspect can help both parties grow and evolve. They can learn to become more self-aware, flexible, and accepting by confronting each other’s differences. They may inspire each other to pursue their passions and goals as they see the other person’s drive and determination.

However, if the Sun square Sun synastry aspect is not handled well, it can lead to conflict, resentment, and a relationship breakdown. Both parties must communicate openly, respect each other’s boundaries, and be willing to compromise and find a balance between their needs and desires. 

Counseling or therapy can also be beneficial in helping couples navigate this challenging aspect.

Emotional connection 

When it comes to the emotional connection in a Sun square Sun synastry aspect, it can be a mixed bag. The emotional intensity can arise from the passionate and fiery energy both parties generate as they confront each other’s differences. Good communication is key to navigating any different perspectives the two might have.

The emotional connection in a Sun Square Sun synastry aspect can also be fraught with conflict, misunderstandings, and power struggles. The ego-driven affect of this aspect can create a sense of competitiveness and can lead to a kind of relationship where one has a need to be in control.

Both parties need to be understanding of the potential for emotional intensity and volatility in a Sun square Sun synastry aspect. They must work on communicating their needs, setting boundaries, and finding ways to navigate the tension healthily and constructively. This can help create a more stable emotional connection based on mutual respect, understanding, and support.

Physical connection 

When it comes to the physical connection in a Sun square Sun synastry aspect, it can be just as complex and multi-faceted as the emotional and mental connections. The tension and challenge created by this aspect can generate sexual energy and passion between two people, making the physical connection intense and exciting.

Their intimate life might become one of the main poles of their relationship. They share the same sex drive and their competitive spirit means they’ll both be focused on mutual pleasure. This couple will experience an instant attraction to physical appearance that has them jumping into bed very early on.

This couple often enjoys the same hobbies and even has the same interests, so there is a lot of potential for high-quality time in this relationship. As long as they don’t start competing with each other, they might even become the best team and reach new levels in life as a couple. 

Mental connection 

The psychological connection in a Sun square Sun synastry aspect can be both challenging and transformative. This connection can be characterized by the clash of two different egos, each with its desires, needs, and perspectives. This can create a sense of competition or power struggle between the two people involved.

If both parties are willing to work on themselves and their connection, this aspect can positively transform them. The Sun square Sun aspect can force both parties to confront their limitations, fears, and insecurities. They may be challenged to become more self-aware, empathetic, and open-minded.

The spiritual connection is significant for these two as they share a deep, intrinsic understanding of one another’s life purpose. They’re likely to feel a magnetic pull toward each other due to this. They can even experience a soul mate bond thanks to these compatible elements plus a strong sense of past life connection.

Benefits of Sun Square Sun in a Synastry 

Although Sun square Sun in synastry can create tension and conflict, there are plenty of benefits to be found. It takes two mature individuals who want a healthy and harmonious relationship to unlock these blessings. Still, if they do that, the relationship might become one of the greatest they will ever have. 

Challenge and growth

Sun square Sun can create a sense of challenge and tension, pushing both parties to grow and evolve. The clash of egos can force each person to confront their limitations, fears, and insecurities, leading to personal growth and self-awareness.

If they can silence their egos and look for the greater good that benefits them, this aspect could bring them plenty of lessons to learn. Being aware of their own ego is the first step they need to take, followed by acknowledging their partner’s ego. Once they do that, they will open themselves up to new knowledge and a higher level of wisdom that will develop them psychologically and emotionally. 

Intensity and passion

The tension generated by Sun square Sun can also lead to intensity and passion in the relationship. This can create a strong bond and a sense of excitement between two people. The intense chemistry and strong attraction between two partners with this aspect in their synastry will be essential to their relationship.

They want to explore each other in intimate moments and share their deepest fantasies in the bedroom. They can develop a strong connection based on this fire intensity they share if they know how to channel it to their advantage.

Mutual respect and understanding

If both parties are willing to work on themselves and their connection, the energy generated by Sun Square Sun can lead to mutual understanding and respect. Both parties appreciate each other’s strengths and weaknesses, leading to a more profound sense of connection and empathy.

Both of them know that their partner is also a leader and can respect that. They understand where the other person comes from as they are very much alike in ambition and instinct.

Shared ambition and drive

Sun square Sun can also create a sense of shared ambition and drive between two people. Both parties may be determined to achieve their goals and assert their individuality, which can create a sense of mutual support and motivation. They become each other’s biggest fans and supporters as long as they don’t have to give up their spotlight. 

A shared ambition when it comes to life goals can unite these two and bring about a joint effort in reaching those goals.

Creativity and inspiration

The Sun square Sun aspect can also lead to a burst of creative energy and inspiration. Both parties may feel compelled to express themselves and explore new ideas, creating excitement and inspiration in the relationship.

The energy of the Sun is, by nature, very creative. It brings a burning desire to manifest the wildest ideas and fantasies into their life. 

Challenges and Sun Square Sun Synastry 

Sun square Sun synastry aspect can bring some significant challenges to relationship astrology. If other negative factors impact the Sun, these challenges could be amplified and more difficult to overcome.

However, if the Sun square Sun aspect is energetically supported by other positive planets such as Venus. They might even learn to use these struggles in their favor and grow even stronger through them. 

Power struggles

Sun Square Sun’s ego-driven nature can create a power struggle between two people. Both parties may feel the need to assert their own individuality and identity, which can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts.

When they fall victim to their ego clashes, the conflicts could get very intense. They have a natural ability for showing strong emotions towards each other and might use anger and rage to gain control over such situations.

Instead of arguing with each other, they have to learn to tame their ego. Close relationships with this pairing can only work if they don’t act from a place of ego.


Sun square Sun can create a sense of competitiveness between two people. This can lead to a lack of harmony and balance in the relationship, as each person may be focused on proving their worth and dominance.

Both partners must focus on their strength as a couple rather than their superiority. If they channel their competitive nature as a team and focus on a common goal, they might find a healthy approach to this feature.

The key here is not to kill their competitive nature as it is part of who they are. But instead activate it in a shared direction for the good of their relationship.

Struggle to compromise

The tension created by Sun Square Sun can make it difficult for both parties to compromise and find common ground. Individuals may be fixed in their opinions and desires, leading to a lack of flexibility and cooperation. If they are unwilling to invest time and energy to understand each other’s point of view, they will create walls between them that are difficult, if not impossible, to break. 

Healthy communication, which comes from a mutual and honest interest in finding a solution to a difficult situation, could help ease the path toward compromising. If they put their relationship and common happiness over their basic differences and ego, they could become more humble and understanding toward each other. 

Emotional volatility

Sun square Sun can also create a sense of emotional volatility in a relationship. The tension and conflict generated by this aspect can lead to emotional outbursts and instability.

Both partners have strong emotions not only towards each other but also toward the essential things in life. Their passion spreads to all the critical aspects of their lives as individuals and as a couple. They could say or do something they will regret but find it difficult to take back. 

Poor communication

The clash of egos created by Sun Square Sun can make it difficult for both parties to communicate effectively. Each person may be focused on asserting their opinions and desires, leading to misunderstandings and conflicts. Problematic communication can be the root of many of their arguments.

While difficult communication can be challenging to fix, it is not impossible. They can start by thinking about their words’ effect on the other person. Coming from a place of empathetic awareness will help them understand each other better and choose their words wisely.

Final thoughts 

A relationship with Sun square Sun aspect in its synastry will be challenging. Both partners must fight their egos to maintain a healthy and prosperous connection. If they can overcome their challenges, this could be the most transformational relationship of their life. It can help them grow into their best versions and live a life aligned with their true purpose. 

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