Venus Square Venus Synastry

Venus square Venus synastry indicates differing values in relationships, requiring compromise and understanding for harmony. Squares are somewhat feared in astrology due to their tensions and difficulties in a synastry chart. 

Regardless of the planets that are in a square, the aspect will bring challenges and struggles. But the uncertainties brought by squares are meant to make us stronger individuals and empower our relationships. When such an aspect appears in a synastry, both partners must invest the effort needed for their connection to develop healthily and harmoniously. 

Having Venus square Venus in a synastry represents a relationship’s give-and-take game. It speaks about how two partners exchange their affection and what they expect from each other and their entire relationship. All the Venus-Venus synastry aspects are essential, but the square can affect the connection the most. 

The energy of Venus 

Venus governs Taurus and Libra, symbolizing aspects of life such as love, beauty, pleasure, comfort, and desires. This planet also pertains to the qualities we seek in relationships and with our partners. It influences our journey to find the right partners according to our needs.

Astrologically, Venus indicates our appreciation for aesthetics and luxury. It reveals how we approach love and important relationships. We look at Venus to see how we assimilate beauty through things and experiences. 

The house of Venus depicts where we require balance in our lives and where our desires reside. Here we find the area where we are most likely to achieve happiness and fulfill most of our aspirations. 

The sign of Venus reflects our enthusiasm toward the things and individuals we cherish in our life. Depending on the sign that aligns with Venus, we might find expressing and receiving love easier or more difficult. 

In astrology, Venus has traditionally been interpreted differently in natal charts depending on the gender of the person. The rationale behind this approach is that men may tend to reject or neglect Venus’ qualities in their charts. Consequently, the energies associated with Venus would be directed toward the women they encounter and interact with. 

In contrast, women are believed to be more inclined to identify with and embody Venusian qualities. A similar understanding goes for Mars, which is considered a planet with energy that women don’t assimilate as easily as men, so they project it on their potential partner. 

The notion of projection is a compelling and legitimate concept. However, although it may apply to Venus to some degree, it is preferable to avoid assigning gender stereotypes to both Venus and Mars. From objective observations, men and women assume the Venusian role in their relationships equally.

When Venus is well-aspected, it fosters kindness and honesty, enabling us to find peaceful resolutions in challenging circumstances. Additionally, it grants us a refined taste and appreciation for beauty. However, an afflicted Venus can cause vanity, superficiality, self-indulgence, and shallowness.

Venus square Venus in a synastry 

When one person’s Venus squares the Venus of their partner, the romantic relationship becomes complex and complicated. This Venus square Venus synastry aspect suggests that individuals may have conflicting values. Their tastes, and preferences regarding love and relationships may differ. They may need help understanding each other’s needs and desires, leading to disagreements and misunderstandings. 

However, if both parties are willing to work through these differences and find common ground, this aspect can also provide an opportunity for growth and learning in their relationship. Nonetheless, a Venus square Venus aspect will affect both partners and their connection at all levels. 

They will have to work through the challenges to earn the blessings. Ultimately, the aspects of Venus in a couple speak about the level of compatibility within the love relationship. 

Emotional connection 

While both partners might be strongly connected at an emotional level, this bond will face some difficulties. When one partner’s Venus forms a square with the other person’s Venus, the chemistry and emotions might manifest differently. Each Venus person could have their love language and desires. They may have differing expectations and express those in ways that are not always compatible. 

One person might prefer to express their emotions romantically. The other Venus partner might understand acts of service as a preferable form of love and affection. There is no doubt that the way they feel for each other is intense and even mutual. They need to take that strong connection and invest effort into understanding each other’s feelings. 

Physical connection 

The physical attraction between these two partners with undoubtedly be strong. They might feel a strong attraction when they first meet and start flirting, fueling sexual chemistry. Being intimate and exploring each other is one of the few things they will find compatible. Their intimate life will become an important pole of their relationship. 

Planet Venus brings a very open energy that helps them welcome each other’s fantasies and be willing to explore them together. The planet of love helps these two by encouraging sexual desire that builds a strong bond between them. 

They communicate well through their body language and understand each other at this level. Their strong sexual attraction will greatly improve their overall compatibility. Intimate relationships between these two will build a deep understanding of each other. 

Their feelings for each other are strong enough to sustain a long connection and manifest beautifully in their intimate moments. But this is just one part of a harmonious connection. Even though this physical attraction will come naturally to them, other aspects might need mutual effort to function just as well. 

Mental connection 

The psychological difference between these two partners might be the most obvious of the difficult aspects. They have different mindsets, values, desires, and expectations. Both partners understand love and relationships differently and lead their lives based on different values. 

Their different mindset will lead to misunderstandings, poor communication, and even arguments. Without personal growth, this could break up their connection. Too many disagreements can damage the relationship beyond repair. 

However, there are ways to make their different mindsets work together. One of the solutions would be to use each other’s views to create a complete picture of the situations they go through. 

Together, they can complete each other’s perspective in a way that empowers them rather than damages them. They might reach important growth opportunities if they accept and tolerate each other without trying to convince the other person of their point of view. 

For these two partners to cooperate, there is a tremendous need for trust and deep love as basic keys to this relationship’s foundation. They must cherish their partners’ opinions and be willing to incorporate them into their own mindset. Even if it takes effort and mutual compromises to reach this level, it is worth investing in it. 

Benefits of Venus square Venus in a synastry

Knowing how much of a struggle Venus square Venus can be for a couple, it might seem that there are no benefits. But this is not true. Venus, the goddess of love, is a very positive planet. Even if it squares another person’s Venus, the positivity remains present and will find a way to manifest. 

Intense physical connection 

The chemistry between these partners takes the spotlight on their connection. They love spending intimate time with each other and exploring their deepest fantasies together. Both partners can use their different approaches to sexuality to enrich their experiences. 

They can also use their physical attractiveness to make up for their potential disagreements. For instance, making up after an argument could manifest through an intense romantic night. This passion becomes a love language by itself; thankfully, both partners can express and understand it. 

Growth opportunities 

Because they have different mindsets, both partners could use these differences to help them grow. If they learn how to communicate constructively, they will reach new levels of understanding. They can find solutions that will open new horizons for their potential to manifest in the relationship and in their lives. 

If both partners are willing to leave their egos aside and work with each other, they might discover that there’s a lot to learn from their partner. They could break their limits and aim to reach higher objectives, individually or as a couple. 

Moments of joy 

Venus brings a very joyful energy. The good times they share might be very joyful and entertaining. They are very excited when they get along and express this excitement through positive reactions and activities they might try to do together. 

Investing time in discovering what activities please them is well worth it so they can have a set of things they like to do together. They might be different people in terms of preferences. Still, spending quality time together is essential for both of them as they develop their interpersonal relationship. 

Challenges of Venus square Venus in a synastry 

The challenges Venus square Venus brings for a couple can be seen as chances to evolve and grow into a stronger relationship. To take advantage of these struggles, both partners need to act in a mature manner that puts the interest of their relationship before their agendas. 

Lack of understanding 

Venus square Venus highlights a lack of mutual understanding in the couple. They struggle to accept their differences and will want to change their partner to increase their compatibility. 

This lack of understanding might not be evident initially when they are fascinated with their intense attraction to each other. But once the physical passion starts fading, the misunderstandings will become more evident and challenging. 

Both partners could overcome this lack of understanding if they focused on compromising and finding solutions to their differences. They’ll need to step out of their comfort zone and work on building mutual respect for each other’s perspectives. 

Different needs and expectations

Each person might have different needs and expectations from their relationship. When they express these needs and realize that they are so different, they might feel as if they are not compatible and they are growing apart. This realization, even if it might be true in some respects, will shock both partners. 

At the beginning of their relationship, they have this incredible mutual attraction and sexual tension. This makes them feel like they have found their soul mate. So, when they realize that they want different things in their personal life, they will be that much more affected by this realization.

There is a way to work through these different desires if they want to have a functional relationship. Both partners must put each other’s happiness and best interest first. If they do that, they will both be taken care of, and the relationship can start to thrive. 

Frequent arguments 

Due to their mindset differences and the way they see life and relationships, arguments might be frequent and intense. Other aspects will also impact how these two partners deal with such situations and how they fix their differences. For instance, a strong influence on Mars could add aggression as an essential factor in their arguments, damaging the relationship even faster. 

The best way to manage moments of intense tension is by taking a step back and analyzing the situation from an objective perspective. Once they put their emotions at ease, they can generate a more rational view and approach the problem more calmly. 

Ego clashes 

While Venus doesn’t call for a strong Ego like Pluto, for instance, with so many differences resulting from the Venus square Venus aspect, ego clashes might manifest in the couple. Both partners will want to be right and impose their points of view at least once in a while. 

When they experience this stubborn emotional nature simultaneously, arguments might become a battle of egos. And if there is one sure thing about such arguments is that no one wins, but they might both get hurt. 

A relationship is not about who is right and who is wrong. The sooner they understand that they must work as a team to identify the best solution for their relationship, the better it will be. 

Poor communication 

Verbal communication is a bad aspect for this couple. They sometimes seem to speak two different languages, even if that is not the case. This poor communication comes as a direct result of their differences. When they express and explain these different views, they will face a wall that they can only breakthrough with the right words. 

Communication is one of the critical elements in a healthy relationship. So, both partners must develop this skill to have a connection that withstands the test of time. They could listen more and take time before they respond to their partner. Reacting to each other in a judgemental manner will only further damage their communication and push them apart. 

Final thoughts

Despite the challenges that Venus square Venus brings in a relationship, where there is a will, there is a way. The two partners can manage these difficulties if they act maturely and reasonably to their differences. 

Investing time in what they enjoy doing together or separately will also help them cultivate their cheerful nature and explore more positive aspects of their bond. Once they find a way to work together, they might have one of the best relationships. 

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