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Sun Conjunct Jupiter in the Natal Chart: Mr. Big Stuff

When ego (Sun) is united with the planet of expansion and philosophy (Jupiter), it creates a larger-than-life personality. Sun/Jupiter is a knowledgeable, optimistic partner. But when his sense of self gets too big, is there room for another person in the relationship?

Jupiter’s Energy

Jupiter’s full-on influence quadruples the Sun’s energy. The Sun/Jupiter person is not shy, and you’ll know immediately if he’s attracted to you. He’ll assume that you’re into him, because Sun/Jupiter just knows that things are going to turn out his way. He’s usually right, because his abundant confidence and sense of possibility create positive outcomes.

Be prepared for showy romance, cultural exploration, and endless, fascinating conversations. You’ve hit the jackpot in terms of an adventurous partner, because Sun/Jupiter wants to try it all. In the early stages of the relationship, being swept up in a whirlwind of cultural and romantic excess can be fun. But with the Sun/Jupiter person, the whirlwind never subsides.

Over-eating, over-drinking, and over-spending can be issues (the sign that Sun/Jupiter is in will define the areas of excess). Sun/Jupiter in Taurus may bankrupt himself on material luxuries. Sun/Jupiter in Leo will suck up all the attention in every room he occupies. Having a partner with more restraint (and some strong Saturn contacts) is essential for keeping him on track.

Managing Your Sun/Jupiter Partner

He may make glowing plans for your next night out (or your future) together, but then not follow through. This has nothing to do with deception; Sun/Jupiter gets carried away and over-promises. He means well, but overlooks the details.

Rather than assuming he’s stringing you along, follow up on his plans and make sure that his suggestions are actually possible. Then suggest a realistic alternative, if they’re not.

The core issue for the Sun/Jupiter person is ego. There’s nothing wrong with self-confidence, but being in a relationship with someone who knows he’s right—and everyone else (including you) is wrong—can be taxing. Sun/Jupiter is right about a lot of things; his lifelong focus on knowledge and exploration gives him serious mental clout.

But he can identify so closely with his beliefs that he turns into an intellectual bully. If you end up knowing more about something than he does (and chances are, you will) he may react defensively and accuse you of “lording it over” him. It’s difficult for him to accept anyone else’s authority on anything.

Evolved Sun/Jupiter

Not all Sun/Jupiter people are this overwhelming. Jupiter does represent wisdom, and the Sun is conscious will. If he’s evolved and self-aware, Sun/Jupiter can be an intellectual powerhouse who combines his breadth of knowledge with fair play.

If he has issues with being right all the time, know that these issues are easily accessible; Sun/Jupiter is a conscious energy that’s highly receptive to conversations with a partner.

Overall, the Sun/Jupiter person is a fun, generous lover who knows his stuff (most of the time). His enthusiasm for life (and for you) makes him very appealing. A little restraint and understanding is all it takes to keep his personality at a tolerable level.

Are you in a relationship with a Sun/Jupiter person? Tell us about it in comments below.

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