Extravagant Love: Venus Conjunct Jupiter in the Natal Chart

When the planet of abundance (Jupiter) unites with the planet of love (Venus) in a chart, expect more of everything Venus offers. The Venus/Jupiter person gives generously in relationships. But there can be a hefty price tag attached to these gifts.

Jupiter Energy

Jupiter expands whatever it touches. It also mixes the energy of philosophy, high-mindedness, and cultural exploration with Venus’ charms. The result is a cultured, generous lover who wants only the best. The Venus/Jupiter person is attracted to enlightened partners they can learn from. Coarseness, close-mindedness, and rude behavior are a major turn-offs.

Venus/Jupiter and New Relationships

When Venus/Jupiter first enters a relationship, they overwhelm their partner with a rush of gifts, fine foods, wine, pricey excursions, and other goodies. Venus/Jupiter will be attentive, because they’ll want to soak up any new ideas from their partner. 

Respect and admiration for their partner will be paramount, with an emphasis on behavior that’s fair. What could possibly go wrong?

Jupiter (the planet of exploration) is always on the lookout for something new. When the ho-hum reality of a relationship sinks in, Venus/Jupiter can go off in search of a partner who’s more interesting. The problem is that there will always be someone who is more interesting. Jupiter’s push to expand horizons is never-ending.

They can be self-indulgent, preferring to focus exclusively on what makes them happy (Jupiter).

Venus also rules money, so financial extravagance can be an issue. If their partner confronts them with anything that rocks the boat (such as overspending), the partner gets labeled as a spoil sport. How dare they ruin things with their narrow-minded observations? Venus/Jupiter has such high ideals that they can be blinded to the realities of daily life.

When the bubble bursts, it’s always unpleasant.

Venus/Jupiter vs Venus/Neptune

There are some similarities between natal Venus/Jupiter and Venus/Neptune. Jupiter was the ruler of Pisces before Neptune was discovered; the theme of idealism and escapism is common to both. The difference is that Jupiter is not about spirituality or sacrifice. Jupiter demands gratification, big time. So Venus/Jupiter can be lazy, especially when it comes to relationship chores. A disciplined, realistic partner is best (although not always appreciated).

Venus/Jupiter Reality Check

What Venus/Jupiter needs is a reality check. They must realize that life is not a champagne-colored romance, and that going overboard can have consequences. Rather than blaming their partner for spoiling the party when they bring up certain realities, they can take a look at their own behavior. Sometimes a good dose of Saturn in the natal chart can modify Venus/Jupiter’s extravagance.

Failing that, a partner with strong Saturn/Capricorn energy can balance out Venus/Jupiter’s excesses. With a few checks and balances in place, Venus/Jupiter can offer a gift of generous love that’s based in reality, rather than inflated ideals.

Are you thrilled—or overwhelmed—by the love of a Venus/Jupiter person? Tell us about it in comments below.

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