Mars Retrograde in The Natal Chart

In astrology, a natal chart or birth chart serves as a celestial snapshot of the skies when a person was born, outlining their inherent energies and potentials. One of the planetary placements in the natal chart that may capture attention is Mars Retrograde.

As the warrior planet, planet Mars has a combative nature and a masculine energy that drives ambition, personal drive, and the ability for decisive action. However, Mars takes a different approach in its retrograde state, urging us to slow down and reconsider how we assert ourselves.

Retrograde Planets

Before we delve into the specifics of retrograde Mars, let’s understand the retrograde motion in general. Retrograde planets appear to move backward in the zodiac due to an optical illusion created by the Earth and other planets moving at a different speed in their orbits. This perceived backward motion happens during the retrograde period, which can last a few weeks for personal planets like Mars or several months for outer planets.

During a planetary retrograde, it’s as if the universe hits a pause button on the qualities and areas of life governed by that planet. It’s not a bad thing per se, despite the popular fear around phrases like “Mercury Retrograde.” Instead, retrogrades are a good time for introspection and review.

Understanding Mars Retrograde Natal

When Mars is retrograde in a natal chart, the fiery and assertive energy of Mars is directed inward. As a result, individuals with natal Mars retrograde often have a more nuanced relationship with aggression, assertiveness, and their sex drive. They might have a hard time expressing anger or might experience power struggles on a frequent basis.

Mars retrograde natives might also have a unique connection with their past lives. It’s believed that the retrograde state of a planet in the natal chart could point to a karmic lesson from a previous life that the individual must learn in the current one.

With Mars retrograde, this karmic connection might manifest as a need to learn healthier ways of asserting oneself or navigating conflict.

Effects of Natal Mars Retrograde on Various Aspects of Life

Professional Life and Ambitions

When Mars, the planet of action, goes retrograde, it often signals a slowdown or a need for reassessment in areas associated with ambition and career. The hard work that Mars retrograde natives put into their jobs may not bear fruit immediately. However, the end result of their patient efforts can be rewarding. It’s not uncommon for someone with this placement to start a new job or launch creative projects during a retrograde period.

Financial Stability

Mars retrograde may affect financial matters too. It’s advisable to avoid impulsive spending during Mars retrograde. Old debts may resurface, requiring you to take a good look at your bank account. This retrograde cycle could be the ideal time to pay off old debts or revisit your financial plans.

Personal and Intimate Relationships

Mars rules sexual desire and drive, and when it’s retrograde in a birth chart, it can impact the person’s love life in unique ways. For some, it could mean rekindling a relationship with an old flame or reassessing what they want in their intimate relationships. The individual might need to work through power struggles in relationships or learn to express their desires in a healthy way.

How to Navigate Mars Retrograde Natal

With the inherent challenges that Mars retrograde brings, it might seem like harsh words for Mars retrograde natives. But here’s the good news: astrology isn’t deterministic. Being born during Mars retrograde doesn’t doom you to a life of internal conflict or repressed aggression.

Instead, think of it as a unique vantage point that offers a broad perspective on personal matters. You can channel the introspective energy of retrograde Mars to reassess your actions and motivations, deal with past life karmic lessons, and learn to express your Mars energy in a healthier and more balanced way.

The first step is awareness. Understanding your Mars retrograde natal placement, its sign, and its house (1st house, second house, etc.) can give you insights into how the retrograde manifests in your life. A professional astrologer or astrology psychic can be a good place to start if you need help interpreting your birth chart.

Mars retrograde urges us to slow down and reassess our actions and reactions. It encourages us to walk at our own pace rather than rush headlong into battle, to think before we act, and to channel our energy in productive ways. Whether it’s tackling family matters, managing energy levels, dealing with moments of road rage, or navigating power struggles, the journey of the Mars retrograde native involves learning to manage their inner warrior planet energy in a balanced and harmonious way.

Mars Retrograde Transit

Beyond the natal Mars retrograde, it’s also worth noting the transits when Mars goes retrograde for about two and a half months every two years. During these periods, everyone gets a taste of the introspective Mars energy. It’s a good time to reassess your actions and desires, take care of any unfinished business, and avoid starting new, energy-intensive projects. If you’re curious about the dates of the next Mars retrograde transit, there are plenty of astrology resources online to guide you.

Wrapping Up

The Mars retrograde natal chart placement is a potent symbol of inwardly directed warrior energy. It signifies a lifetime journey of learning to express one’s assertiveness, desires, and anger in a balanced, healthy way. It’s not a curse, but a call to introspection, self-awareness, and personal growth. The best thing Mars retrograde natives can do is embrace their unique cosmic energy, learn from it, and let it guide their personal evolution.

Remember, even if Mars appears to be moving backward from our earthly vantage point, it’s a celestial reminder to all of us, that sometimes, we too need to step back and reassess before moving forward. It’s proof that sometimes, going backward can take us a long way forward. The influence of Mars retrograde can be disorienting, but it can also lead us towards more conscious, considered actions and a deeper understanding of our desires and drives.

A retrograde period might seem like a difficult time, but it’s also an opportunity for growth. Whether you’re a Mars retrograde native or simply experiencing a Mars retrograde transit, the key is to approach it with patience, introspection, and a willingness to learn from the past. Ultimately, the universe’s planetary moonwalk is another tool to help us navigate our lives with more wisdom and understanding. It’s not a cosmic crisis, but a celestial opportunity for deeper self-awareness and growth.

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