How to Know if You’re a Neptune Person

Credit: karelnoppe via iStockphoto

Credit: karelnoppe via iStockphoto


When Neptune or Pisces energy is emphasized in your natal chart, you’ve got a magic ticket. You’re ten times more sensitive, creative and romantic than most people. You have the ability to wow your lover with moments of transcendental love and sex. But, you may also be delusional about the nature of your attractions. Read on to find out if you’re a Neptune person, and how you can deal with this slippery energy.

Where The Universe Leaks In

Neptune energy is porous. The dividing lines between reality (as you know it) and what lies beyond are blurred. In some cases, the lines are nonexistent in the areas of your chart with pronounced Neptune/Pisces. When you develop crushes or form relationships, it’s always about more than the other person. Yes, that soul-searing connection you made last night with Mrs./Mr. Amazing suggests that s/he’s the one. But Neptune enhances your awareness of greater potentials (anything’s possible!). You’re not just connecting with the person you’re hot for, you’re mainlining the addictive dream of what could be.

If one or more of the following apply to you, you are a Neptune person:

  • personal planets (Sun to Mars), 1st/7th house cusp or ruler in Pisces
  • Neptune conjunct (within 4 degrees) any of the angles
  • Neptune in hard aspect (conjunction, square, opposition) to the personal planets, any planet in the 7th house, or 1st/7th house ruler
  • multiple (more than three) easy aspects from Neptune to the personal planets
  • personal planets or 1st/7th house ruler in the 12th house

Personal planets are emphasized because they take Neptune’s impersonal energy and bring it close. The 1st and 7th house cusps are most prominent in relationships, but Neptune conjunct any angle will increase its influence. In general, the more aspects to Neptune, the stronger it will be. This is true for hard and easy aspects.

How to Wield Magic

So now you’ve determined that you’re a Neptune person. How do you handle that magic in your relationships? First off, as I mentioned above, understand that it’s never about a specific person. You’re tuned into something bigger. That means you have an almost limitless supply of love and compassion to give, but you may not always give it to the right person. Or, you may superimpose your fantasy onto the person you’re loving. Understanding that there’s always some fantasy involved can go a long way towards grounding yourself. It can also explain why you’re chasing after the elusive “ideal partner,” why you get hooked into people you barely know, or why you end up getting used by others.

How Neptune manifests in your relationships will depend on how and where it’s activated in your chart. Neptune conjunct the DC suggests you may project that energy, and be drawn to dreamers, addicts, artists, healers or liars. Venus in the 12th House indicates that relationships are your blind spot. Until you become aware of the vibe you give out, you will get involved in relationships where secrets and lack of boundaries are an issue. Pisces on the Ascendant makes you a prime target for other people’s projections: you may be surprised about who they think you are.

In general, you want to aim for the highest manifestation of Neptune. Here are some issues to work on:

  • Keep your relationships honest and out in the open: the secret affair may be tempting, but it’s a sinkhole.
  • Be aware of the messages you give off: are your words/approach aligned with the type of relationship you want to attract?
  • Be accountable for your behavior.
  • Fortify your boundaries, and continually check in with yourself to make sure they’re intact.
  • Get clear on the difference between help and sacrifice.

Your Neptune can make you irresistible. It’s true! All that limitless potential is felt by other people, and if you play your cards right, you can have a flies-to-honey situation (you’re the honey, in case you were wondering). The key is grounding yourself as much as you can, and making honesty your mantra.


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