Mars in Cancer, Moon in Pisces Compatibility

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Mars in Cancer will embrace Moon in Pisces with his protective instincts, while Pisces allows him full access. Mars will protect his Pisces maiden, and she’ll welcome someone who not only looks after her, but is sensitive enough to understand her strange moods.

Mars in Cancer is an emotional warrior. He’ll charge forward (once he decides it’s safe) to provide his lover with nurturing and security, while remaining tuned in to the energy of the moment. Is she receptive to his efforts? Does she appreciate him? These things are important to Mars in Cancer, and just as he’s easily moved to provide care, he’s also easily offended if he suspects he’s not wanted. This combination of assertiveness and sensitivity makes him a volatile partner.

Moon in Pisces needs a place to retreat. Exquisitely sensitive, she absorbs what those around her are feeling. Therefore, Moon in Pisces’ partner needs to be tuned in to her needs. Despite her ability to give to the point of sacrifice, she will periodically drift away while following her own mysterious impulses. This can result in emotional responses that appear unfathomable to her partner. But she’s really just exploring an alternate world of imagination or spirituality.

Mars in Cancer will sense Pisces’ core fragility, and he’ll be moved to look after her. He’ll also be gratified by her complete acceptance of his efforts. These two will develop a connection that allows them to blend into each other, as Cancer senses what Pisces needs, and Pisces feels what Cancer wants. The result will be a profoundly intimate relationship built on trust, compassion and magic.

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