Mars in Aries, Moon in Leo Compatibility

Mars in Aries’ enthusiastic initiative will blend with Moon in Leo’s need for drama and attention, creating a relationship that’s bursting with vitality. Cardinal Aries will provide the spark, and Fixed Leo will keep the flame steady. This is one fire that shouldn’t burn out.

Mars in Aries

Mars in Aries gets things started. He’s first out of the gate, sometimes jumping into things before he’s considered the results. This makes Mars in Aries a fantastic initiator. Ideally, he needs a more patient partner who is able to provide support and follow through when his energy wanes.

To prevent his enthusiasm from being completely extinguished — which can happen if he gets bored in his relationship. He’ll need a lover who gives him reasons to stick around: challenge, excitement, and something to fight for.

Moon in Leo

Moon in Leo will keep the fire of her relationship burning, as long as she feels like she’s the center of attention. She needs romance, adoration, and a bit of drama to keep things interesting. Moon in Leo can be a faithful, adoring partner. Her lover must recognize that her inner child can be pretty loud and demanding.

Mars in Aries will respond to Leo’s demands for love and attention, because he’s always up for a challenge. She’ll be the Queen and he’ll be her Knight, charging in to meet her needs. He may occasionally become impatient with her, but Moon in Leo’s instinctive pride and power will keep him interested.

Nothing turns Aries on like a strong lover who knows what she wants. If Mars in Aries gets restless, Moon in Leo will respond with the perfect blend of stubbornness and moody theatrics, stirring things up just enough to keep him juiced.

Together, these two will create a renewable source of passion and excitement in their relationship.

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