Mars in Libra, Moon in Gemini Compatibility

Mars in Libra’s flirtatious actions will energize Moon in Gemini, complementing and increasing her need for light interactions. She’ll feel comfortable but never bored with his approach. Together, they’ll create a union that sparkles with wit and romance.

Mars in Libra knows how to turn on the charm. His approach is carefully calibrated to match the vibe of whomever he’s attracted to. Some might feel that this approach makes Mars in Libra superficial, and he can be. But he’s also a skillful suitor, who instinctively matches his partner’s pace. His light touch and romantic efforts are always appealing, even if he has a tendency to avoid confrontation.

Moon in Gemini needs a partnership with breathing room. This doesn’t just refer to her personal space, although that’s important. Her emotional interactions are based on discussion and the exchange of facts, rather than intensive exploration. Moon in Gemini needs the freedom to touch on a topic, and then quickly move on if it becomes uncomfortable. Her partner should understand that she has feelings, but she doesn’t process them by immersing herself in the issue.

Mars in Libra will find that Moon in Gemini is an ideal partner for his romantic dance. She’ll respond to his light charm, and he’ll find it easy to match her quickly-shifting moods. They’ll make a lively couple, buzzing with wit, curiosity and perpetual courtship. The only downfall to this match would be a tendency to gloss over difficulties. Neither partner is at ease with uncomfortable topics, so they may avoid potential problems that end up undermining the relationship.

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