Getting There: The Function of the Sun in Composite Charts

Synastry Studies by Dawn Bodrogi

We’ve distorted the meaning of the word “essential” in popular language to mean something that is absolutely necessary. In truth, the meaning is the opposite—if something is essential or “of the essence” it is something that can never be taken away or distorted. It has nothing to do with need.

I think of the world “essence” when I deal with the Sun in all forms of astrology. Renaissance astrologers referred to the Sun as the “heart” of the chart, without which the chart could have no warmth or light or definition. The Sun is also a consolidating energy, as anyone who has ever seen it working in transits and progressions can testify. A transit or progression can sit there, inactive, for months, and then things blow when the transiting Sun hits the relevant points. (I give an assignment to my beginning students which asks them to watch for transits of the Sun and Mars over natal, progressed, and transiting aspects of their own charts. You learn about astrology very quickly that way.)

What Does the Sun Represent?

Now, I’m the first one to admit that the Sun is not an easy thing to define within the dynamics of the chart. It’s the essence, the lifeblood, but what does it represent? The Moon is readily defined, though she has her hidden meanings. We know about Mars and Venus, Mercury and Jupiter. We have a good idea about Saturn’s issues and we’ve learned not to mess with the outer planets. But what do we know of the Sun?

We often think the Sun is related to “I,” to identity. We say, “I am a Virgo” or an Aries, but aside from defining a birth month, what does that mean? Furthermore, the “I” is ever-evolving. I’m sure not one of us defines ourselves the same way we did five years ago.

The Sun’s Function

I like to think that the Sun has a dual function in the chart, and one of them is to portray the essence of the human being. It represents that eternally creative life force which is our core Self, in its truest expression. The evolving “I,” the one that evokes and embraces change, is represented by the progressed Ascendant as it moves through time. We are both eternal and evolving through the experience of our material reality.

The Sun’s second function is as creator, and as the consolidating force in life. The Sun is the engine of the chart, moving it forward, creating, with the Moon, the experiences we need for our own evolution. The Sun brings things together in our lives, triggers them off, much the way it works on transits and progressions. When the Sun touches another planet, we become aware of that planet and are primed to learn our lessons regarding the function and meaning of that planet in our lives.

I tend to think that there is nothing malefic about the Sun. Even if it is connected with the darkest pile-up of planets you can imagine, the Sun’s presence there would be hopeful, because there is always the possibility of light and awareness. With a hard aspect, the awareness might be hard to come by, but the possibility would be there, unlike the flat-out darkness and destruction that might exist if the Sun were absent. If we have the Sun attached to an outer planet, that Sun is trying to help us learn about life through Uranian or Neptunian or Plutonian eyes, and to understand that those forces exist within us and are meant to be used consciously.

The Sun in Synastry

In synastry, I never worry about hard aspects between the individual Suns. All that means is that two people have very different ways of processing experience, and may come to different conclusions about shared experience. But it carries none of the discomfort and emotional alienation that can happen when the two Moons are at crossroads, for example. With the Sun, the stimulation that occurs with hard aspects can be very creative, and cause us to seek out new ways of interacting and solving problems.

The Sun can be a great mentor, too—if the Sun is attached to any planet, its life-weaving creative power may cause us to draw people who represent those planets into our lives, to show us the way. Sun/Jupiter will be lucky with teachers or spiritual guides; Sun/Pluto may draw from both sides of the legal divide to learn its lessons; Sun/Neptune may draw the artistic or the helpless, or even those who spend time on or in the water. In all cases, it’s the Sun bringing awareness of the planet, not the planet acting on the Sun. The Sun is the center, and includes the whole of potential. As the essence, it cannot be manipulated or maneuvered.

A Virgo will always count her change before she gets on the bus. An Aries may knock you down as you both call for a cab, then give it to you once he’s realized his mistake. But expecting these instinctive impulses to change is insanity. They are both processing life, getting there, the only way they know how. The house will show the area of life experience this force is most readily expressed in, but the essence will not change.

The Essence of Relating: The Composite Sun

The composite chart is a thing of beauty, when read correctly. The Sun in a composite chart represents the essence, the creative drive, that is the outcome of two energies joining forces. By house and sign, it will show the essential purpose of a relationship and what it is meant to illustrate to the two beings involved in it. Aspects to the Sun will illustrate the major developmental challenges two people will experience within this lifetime.

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The Sun in Composite Houses

Composite Sun in the First House: A lucky place for the Sun to be, as it tells us that this is a couple whose energy will pour easily and naturally into the relationship itself. It’s a strong signature, and one that is likely to weather the typical storms of partnership. These people are very much wrapped up in ‘we’ and ‘us’ and are usually happier gaining identity from the partnership. They usually share a strong feeling that they are meant to be together. They usually portray a united front to others and are very clear about where they are going as a team.

Life together is seen as an adventure, and there is a great deal of strength gained from this. The challenge is to learn to be inclusive as a couple, and to balance the work and home life with other partnership needs.

Composite Sun in the Second House: With the Sun in the second house, we value what we have together. We may be together for the express purpose of sharing our talents with one another and with the world. We may be a natural team that has something definite to do together. Our great strength is in our shared values and the way we express them. We may be keen on acquisition and on broadening and extending our shared resources. If we’re lucky, we have a sense that the world is ours for the taking, as long as we keep our heads and watch our pennies. We may also have a passion for nurturing and taking care of our Earth’s natural resources. We will enjoy making a contribution to our lives together, and with others—no matter if it is of the body, mind, or spirit.

On the whole, the Sun here is practical, and wants to accomplish something concrete with the relationship. Challenges can come through conflicts regarding creative pursuits or organizations, groups, and peers. There is a need to join personal resources with the resources of others—to share.

Composite Sun in the Third House: Our lives will be about making connections, whether spiritual, mental or physical. We may be the couple who talks constantly, who make a point of keeping in touch all day with one another, and who are constantly darting in and out of the neighbors’ and cousins’ houses. Or this may be a relationship that works primarily on the intellectual plane, where the exchange of ideas is the utmost priority. There may be an emphasis on movement itself, and the acquisition of knowledge. There is usually great curiosity about the way the world is put together, and there may be an emphasis on travel and discovery. They may be a force in the local environment or community.

Challenges come when one or the other partner wants to break through and experience the greater world “out there,” when the need for information and contact stretches into a search for meaning. Conflicts can come from the work environment and/or health issues.

Composite Sun in the Fourth House: The emphasis may be on home and family, and the laying down of roots, but it may also be that the relationship is inner-directed and needs a respite from the world at large. There may be a tendency to want to stay in rather than socialize, and it’s the indicator of a couple whose individuals find a great deal of comfort with, and in, one another.

Challenges come from the outside world—career issues, other people invading the “sacred space”—or from the need of each partner to individuate. Composite Sun in the Fourth House is one of the easier placements for traditional relationships, not so much for same sex couples or other relationships outside the mainstream. There may be periods of cyclical withdrawal.

Composite Sun in the Fifth House: This is the “fun” couple who may be together just for the sake of having a good time. This is a very dynamic, expressive couple, and you won’t see them hiding their light under a bushel. They may pursue creative fields together, or the emphasis may be on procreation—many couples whose main focus is raising children have the Sun in composite fifth.

Challenges may come when they can’t get a handle on just what it is they have to contribute to their world, and they may have difficulties making themselves understood well enough to fit in with others. Another challenge is in learning that they can’t do what they want to all the time—there are rules and boundaries which must be respected in order to fit into society in some way. There may be challenges that come from sharing their value system with others who may not agree with them or understand them.

The Composite Sun in the Sixth House: An interesting placement for a composite Sun. The emphasis here is on balance, on wholeness and healing. The Sixth House can be a crisis house, and those couples with composite Sun in the Sixth may be prone to experiencing one challenge after another in their lives.

The challenge comes from needing to integrate the inner and the outer worlds of the relationship. They may seem like one thing to others, and another in private. They may feel like scapegoats, put upon and oppressed by others, or they may have trouble establishing meaning in the life they’ve created for themselves. There may be an emptiness until some kind of spiritual focus enters their lives and provides context for their existence.

On the other hand, couples with this configuration often have an emphasis on work and service—the challenge then is in finding the right type of vehicle for their actions. However, they may focus solely on just “getting it right” as a couple and defining their lives for themselves.

The Composite Sun in the Seventh House: Usually, this placement goes one of two ways. Either the couple is very out there and passionate about connecting with others in some way (usually very warm and charming together) and/or they spend their time trying to figure out who they are by finding out who they are not (defining themselves against those who surround them). Depending on the Sun, they may be aggressive in determining their territory.

With the Seventh House emphasis, they may spend a lot of time inadvertently falling into the shadow side of the partnership—coming up against behavior which may be undermining the partnership in some way. The Sun’s light will go a long way towards working out the kinks in the relationship shadow, allowing them to become progressively closer and stronger over time. They need to find out who they really are together—outside of family ties and outside of what society expects their role to be.

The Composite Sun in the Eighth House: Couples with the composite Sun in the Eighth House will experience profound inner transformation together, either through intimacy or through experiences which will challenge the very existence of the partnership. They may be brought back from the brink many times in many ways—there may be outer influences on the partnership, there may be challenges to financial stability, there may be profound psychological changes in store for one or both parties. These are the couples who may lose themselves in the throes of partnership, and then find out that they are not who they thought they were.

Challenges also come from trying to maintain an individuality whilst engaging fully in the deepest intimacy. There is a possibility that they are enticed by what is occult and considered taboo, all in the interest of tearing down unneeded boundaries to redefine the landscape. It may become difficult when one or both parties become uncomfortable with the constant intensity and prefer something more sanctioned by the group/society, or when individual creativity and self-expression becomes an issue. Children, also, may be problematic—the demands of raising children getting in the way of the kind of deep psychological transformation this position requires.

Composite Sun in the Ninth House: A Ninth House composite Sun is a relationship that is built on mutual goals, dreams, and visions. The purpose of the relationship is to explore as far as possible and break old rules about the way the world should be. They are more interested in what unifies us than what separates us, and the composite Sun in the fiery Ninth can be endlessly stimulating and forward-moving. They will break conventions and break rules without a second thought, and base their lives on a perpetual search for meaning and higher purpose.

The drawback to composite Sun in the Ninth may be the search for searching’s sake, with a lack of willingness to commit to the partnership in the fear of tying it down and holding back its potential. The couples who live together for years and still have a terror of marriage are often Ninth House types, who feel much more comfortable with a window open in the room. Challenges come because life may not always be as stimulating as these relationships require, and the hard work that comes with grounding ideals in the real world may be tedious enough to weaken the partnership.

Composite Sun in the Tenth House: The composite Sun in the Tenth House is another one of those “easy” placements for composite Sun, because the Sun is very happy up there and prominent in its noon position. If the Sun is right on the M.C., these couples may be prominent in their society or in their field. The Tenth House represents our status in the world, and with composite Sun there we are very happy being seen as a couple, and willing to take our place as leaders in the community. Usually, there are few external challenges, unless family loyalty conflicts with the natural flow of the partnership. Others see us as a couple very easily, and are often shocked if there are any difficulties brewing under the surface.

Usually the challenges come from a lack of real emotional honesty and intimacy—in the pursuit of an externally oriented life, we may lose what emotional grounding we once had. We also may lose sight of who we really are, believing in our own public mask. Some couples may find that there is too much emphasis on work and status, and not enough on the emotional glue and intimate experience that holds the relationship together.

Composite Sun in the Eleventh House: The composite Sun in the eleventh house can be a very friendly placement. This may be the very social couple who are surrounded by friends and are extremely active in all kinds of group activities. They also may be the crusaders on the block, the ones passing out the Amnesty International leaflets and asking you to sign petitions. As opposed to the Ninth House Sun couple, who are more interested in structured study of more established spiritual systems, the Eleventh House couple may be involved in diverse New Age explorations and alternative lifestyles.

The focus of the Eleventh House is on how things should be rather than what is, and they may run into problems when the reality of their lifestyle does not match their dreams and/or ambitions. They may be so busy with common causes that they ignore individual needs, and may not be realistic about what they really have to contribute as a couple. They may be shocked to find out, after years of friendship and “getting along,” that the relationship did not provide the depth and intimacy that one or both parties may need.

Composite Sun in the Twelfth House: Many people are wary of the Twelfth House—the infamous “House of Self-Undoing” in old astrology. The Twelfth House governs places of seclusion and introspection: hospitals, prisons, monasteries. Understanding this is the key to its function. Those places, unpleasant though they may seem to us in our “freedom above all” culture, represent places where we must retreat in order to become whole again, in order to heal. When we have a Twelfth House emphasis, and particularly when the Sun is there, there is something that needs to be fixed, adjusted. And that something in the Twelfth House is our alignment with our true fate or destiny: that thing that we were born to do.

Couples with a composite Twelfth House share a specific karma that needs realignment; something is out of kilter and needs to be put right again. Twelfth House couples often have a specific thing that needs to be accomplished. They may stand as representatives of an archetype for others in their community, large or small. They may have sacrifices of one kind or another asked of them throughout their lives. They may have to give up their small plans for themselves to take on a bigger role. Most of all, they will be asked to walk their talk as far as their beliefs are concerned. The Twelfth House couple may be more inclined to turn to spirituality than either partner would have done so alone.

Troubles come when perfectionism makes “walking the talk” impossible. They may have a hard time harnessing their beliefs to their actions, and may think nothing is worth the effort. More than any other solar composite position, there is a tendency for these couples to break up and move on once the specific lesson is learned, and they have fixed what was meant to be fixed in the way they express themselves in their daily lives. There also is a tendency for Twelfth House Sun couples to wallow in their discomfort, or choose escapist behavior, rather than make the effort to change.

I am a big fan of the Sun (and the Moon), and am often saddened to see that they are no longer considered “sexy” in the astrological lexicon. Captivated by each minor aspect to each minor point in the chart, we often don’t spend as much time as we should interpreting the lights and their function in the chart. But as we gloss over the lights and jump to the Vertex and/or aspects to Chiron, we are missing, in fact, the essence of the chart. We are missing what the chart feels like from the inside. To reveal the true essence of your relationships—and who you are within your relationships—composite Sun placement is the key.

How does the Sun function in your composite chart? Let us know in comments below.


About Dawn Bodrogi

Dawn Bodrogi has studied astrology since the age of twelve, and has been a practicing astrologer for over twenty years with a special emphasis on synastry. Her studies in Jungian psychology, alchemy, and Buddhist philosophy inform her work. Her upcoming book, The Inner Wheel, takes a new look at interpreting secondary progressions. You can see more of Dawn’s work at her blog, The Inner Wheel: Living with Astrology.


  1. okay, but what about a couple that has the sun, mercury and venus in the composite first house, but one of the partners has admittedly been unfaithful multiple times? they are still together, do you really think that with this placement, they will stay together regardless? why would one of them cheat in the first place if their identity is so strong together? or am i giving these placements a preternatural ability? and if i am doing that, it is because i’ve read your stuff and you seem to think that this is the best placement for a long standing relationship, but why with this placement, would one person act so carelessly about their “bond”? it sounds like their relationship should be ironclad with these placements. i do understand there are no guarantees, but i guess i just don’t get it.

  2. Fleursdumal says:

    Dear Dawn (beautiful name, btw), this is a great article. The composite chart of my r.ship has a marked 12th house presence, as the Sun, Moon, Merc and Neptune are there. Needless to say that I am, indeed, afraid of all the “hidden” stuff a 12th house might hold for us. Your article shed some light over it, but also reinforced my fears (lol), when you talked about 12th house r.ships being prone to break-up after lessons have been learned. I deeply love my man and I am not looking forward to such an outcome. But I admit it is not an easy r.ship. And we do wollow in sorrow and even indulge in escapist behavior (no cheating, so far, as far as I know, hahaha) rather than try to change. Changing is really an issue mostly for him, a fixed Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars, but also for me (fixed AC and Venus). So we do struggle, in a way, but I am comitted to trying to change where I need to.

    I only hope that our many synastric Saturn ties, together with out natal Saturns in our respective 7th houses and our composite Saturn in our composite 7th will keeps us together. I also hope that it will be for love and not for duty, lol.

  3. Ame, the Composite chart can’t be taken out of the context of the inter-aspects of the two individual charts. There isn’t the space here to go into detail on every possible issue with each of these houses, but one of the problems of a first house couple is that they so identify with the relationship that they take it for granted. Also, the article focuses on the fact that the Sun is about the process of relating. A first house couple has experiences that force them to face their identity as a couple. If the inter-aspects between the charts aren’t strong, or are deceptive, then this is a challenge. I hope this is more clear to you now. There is no ‘magic aspect’ that will keep people together, or guarantee longevity, but the Sun in the first forces us to see us as ‘we.’ If we don’t like what we see, we split.

  4. Fleursdumal (a poetry fan, yes?). A 12th house Sun is an interesting challenge. We have to go inwards to challenge our assumptions about what the relationship should be. We may have to make sacrifices in order to be together. The challenge is in keeping it real, and your respective Saturns should help you. If you look at the composite sixth house, it will give you clues about what you need to balance in your lives together.

  5. Fleursdumal says:

    Thanks for replying, Dawn. 🙂

    “We have to go inwards to challenge our assumptions about what the relationship should be.” True, this is one of the things I’m struggling with.

    “We may have to make sacrifices in order to be together.” I don’t see them as such; I see them as things to be done so we can be together.

    Our composite 6th is empty and Taurus is on it’s cusp. Hm…

  6. If no planets are in your sixth and Taurus is on the cusp, that means Venus plays a huge role in balancing and healing the relationship. (Venus being the planet ruling Taurus.) Venus will tell you what you need to do. Taurus on the sixth cusp has a lot to say about respect, being real about your day to day lives, and shared values.

  7. Novlady says:

    @Dawn Bodrogi
    Great article. I like what you focus on.

    How does the Sun Conjunct Uranus manifests in it’s highest form? My sun is at 20 degrees Scorpio and My Uranus is at the anoretic degree of 29. Both are in my 7th house. Since my rising is at 29 degrees Aries and my sun trines my moon ruled north node, I feel self-expression/relationships are where my light may shine brightest. I am still trying to figure out how to embrace the light in my shadows as I have attracted my fair share of Aquarians and/or unstable, distant energy. I prefer some emotional stability. How do I blend my Sun and Uranus in the 7th with my emotional needs?

    Thanks for providing Composition Chart Suns in every house. Also, the added quip about how you teach your students to learn about astrology through learning how the Sun/Mars affect their charts is so useful! I cannot wait to apply that wisdom.

  8. Hi Dawn,
    I’m a big fan of your articles both here and on your blog.
    I’m wondering how the house system works with composite chart and which system should be used?
    Our composite sun is in the 3rd house with a placidus houses and in the 2nd with equal houses. I read both 2nd and 3rd house interpretations and they both ring true on some level… would love to hear what you think. Thank you!

  9. Can any one tell me how to find mail have’nt been on here for a year, and the menu seems to have gone , mail etc.?

  10. What the heck! has happend to this site…its a shell of its former self

  11. cannot firnd my mail etc etc…

  12. No-Perspiration says:

    Ok, can’t find the link to login (mobile). A few things here… My ex long-term relationship, ex-fling (crossing fingers for another chance), and current soon-to-be ex-boyfriend all have their suns in the 10th house (I like my business men) and with mine in the 7th, it puts our composite sun in the 8th house. A “sense of fatedness” as says pretty much sums it up. I had an intense attraction to all of them and when in a relationship, I wanted to be everything they wanted and I wanted to have a really deep, soulful bond.

    “These are the couples who may lose themselves in the throes of partnership, and then find out that they are not who they thought they were.” – this has happened with my ex long-term relationship and the one that’s about to end. The magic got comfortable and the first one cheated on me a lot and I think the current one I have is cheating on me currently. Women’s intuition plus signs. I know guy talk Smh. Not the men I thought they were!! Oh btw, June 4th and the aspects said there would be a “change in the relationship” and I agree! My current man met this girl on the 4th and now I’m excited for Venus going direct. It’s like we’re waiting for the other to bring up wanting to break up. We both sort of hinted at it the other day, but he didn’t want to have a serious talk, so whatever. I’m going to have to do this myself. Been down that road and I don’t miss nor want the feelings of uncertainty clouding my judgement and job performance.

    “It may become difficult when one or both parties become uncomfortable with the constant intensity and prefer something more sanctioned by the group/society, or when individual creativity and self-expression becomes an issue” – I think I am usually the one that becomes intense and become less independent when with a “fated love”. It’s not like I do that across the board! With all men, even the brief fling, the love was intense and so were the conversations. I think my lesson here is to remain my individual self. Put my needs first more often, and keep it interesting! I was wondering maybe why I attract men with their Sun in the 10th house. It could be the prestige and hard work I’m attracted to. Oh, and what if the next guy I date has his sun in the 10th house? How can I avoid those obstacles? What if the rest of our charts complement each other?

  13. @no-perspiration

    Sorry to hear. As a fellow Sun in the 7th, I am learning that one must be very aware of how you handle and give away your power. For me, with my DSC in Libra, I feel that Sun in the 7th is similar in ways to the Sun in Libra. The Sun is favored in the opposite sign Aries. Standing in one’s own light. I remind myself of this constantly.

  14. Fleursdumal says:

    Dear Dawn, thank you again. I looked at our composite Venus and it’s in Scorpio, in the 11th house, nicely supported by sextiles to Mars and Jupiter and a trine to Saturn.

  15. Fleursdumal says:

    Oh, and not only the 12th house is an issue in our composite, but also it’s ruler, the composite Neptune, well at home in the 12th, making stressful aspects to the Sun, Moon, AC, Merc, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto.

  16. Novlady–The highest expression of Sun/Uranus is the balance of the head and the heart. We balance our personal expression with that which is good for all. In the case of relationships, we need to balance our solar creativity and passion with the higher urgings of Uranus. We must blend the personal with the universal–one for all and all for one.

  17. mmcq–I use Placidus because it reflects the more interior, psychological/evolutionary work that I do. All house systems work, you just need to find the one that works for you and be consistent.

  18. No Perspiration–There may be many reasons you’re attracted to 10th house types–Masculine planets in Capricorn, Capricorn on an angle, Saturn or Mars in the 10th, etc. Also, if you have an emphasis on Cancer or the IC, you may be attracted to 10th house types to compensate. It’s important for you to figure out why the pattern occurs. If you are attracting ‘status’ partners because you’d prefer not to seek it yourself, or to become your own authority, you may have relationship difficulties until this part of your personality is owned and allowed to blossom.

  19. Novlady–Be careful of that Neptune as composite chart ruler. At its best, a couple will be compassionate and forgiving, but it also can lead to co-dependency, enabling, and issues with addictions and escapism. Try to keep it real (remember that Taurus ruled sixth) and speak clearly and honestly at all times. Check in with one another–don’t assume.

  20. Roxy68, what are you looking for on the site that you cannot find? If by mail you mean messages, the forum was shut down several months ago.

  21. no-perspiration, if you’re on the iphone and cannot find login, touch the button at the top right next to the logo, then touch the icon that looks like a head.

  22. no-perspiration says:

    Thank you, Jeffrey! I don’t think I would have figured that out on my own 🙂

    NovLady, thanks and yeah, it sucks. Really does. Ever since our “serious” talk he’s been acting more like my boyfriend…. well, with the exception of now we’re doing everything 50/50. That used to be a complaint of his and now he’s all over it. He’s asked to see me practically every day this week, but I think it’s because he wants to do all this breakup stuff gently. Idk, I think my hold up is that I concentrated so much on being in his life that I’ve neglected my own. I love him, but this isn’t one of those breakups I’ll have regret or unanswered questions with. My biggest struggle, and it’s a Saturn placement I believe, is believing in myself and loving myself. So, that’s what Ive been concentrating on. Loving me. That’s the last piece. I used to be invincible to long-term pain, and I need to get there again. More gets accomplished! Our 8th house (with my current boyfriend) is on the cusp (like at 1 degree) Taurus and Aries. Mercury is there, too, being conjuncted by the sun. And we’ve never really fought, but I picked my battle and yes, it’s with this other girl. Do I know if they’re still talking? No, but I’m not holding my breath. He is a nice guy, but not a good one :/ well, I guess he is only human. Funny enough, all the composite sun aspects are good ones! Really good ones! But, we have mercury square moon and I can talk about serious stuff till the cows come home (Aquarius) and he gets mad and wants to change the subject. I can tell he really doesn’t want to upset me, but I signed up for an open, honest, and genuine relationship. Not to be the person behind the stage wondering what the audience is seeing 🙁 he’s been nice this entire time, but I think this guy has a hard time saying no to hot, young blondes. Especially since they’re almost never interested in him -cept this one. Guess he didn’t want to pass up a perhaps “karmic” opportunity.


    My long-term ex, our 8th house has sun n mercury in Aquarius (Aquarius is in the 7th house for my sun, perhaps the “whose your soulmate” type of thinking?) he is Pisces sun, cancer moon! Cancer is my north node and that’s the only Cancer I have. One of my asteroids is also in Cancer. I’ve seen the effects as of late… with me being more warm to like everyone and I catch myself staring and wanting to play with kids. I’m 30, so it could just be the “time clock”. Anyway, he has no Capricorn anywhere. The Pisces was a man who manipulated his way to the top and was very chauvinistic.

    The ex-fling has a Capricorn sun (and venus) in the 10th house. Now, this guy has his own business and tries not to spend his extra income on material things, such as chainsaws. His mercury n mars are in Aquarius. We have a lot of similar or complementary placements between cap, aqua, and libra. His north node is also in Cancer, like mine. My mars is in libra, which is mainly why I have this ever so unrealistic notion of a happily ever after. I’m willing to put in the work! Always have been, but it’s the men who don’t.

    With the current guy, he’s sun, mercury, and Jupiter in Cancer, which is why I do keep the planetary happenings since middle of May in the back of my head with recent events. No Capricorn anywhere. But I think my Venus in Capricorn is what wants to find an independent man and gentleman.

    So, when I do single up, I am going to focus on providing myself emotional support without a partner. Like NovLady said, I need to have myself stand out. I got to where I am because mainly of referrals and support from others. I have a lot of self-doubt with my potential. Plus, sun opposition ascendant doesn’t help. My outer beauty (I’m Leo asc) and inner beauty don’t always have the same level of confidence…. Maybe this is it right here. Wow, that could be it. I look to business men to inspire me to do more… I look to relationships for that. Damn, my life story.

    Thank you for both y’alls feedback! Keep em coming if I missed something. Sorry so long

  23. No Perspiration–The Cancer/Capricorn Nodes are likely to blame. You are moving away from a Capricorn sensibility towards a more Cancerian interaction with life. We draw partners to ourselves who are representative of both our Nodes, to teach us what we should and shouldn’t be. Don’t forget that the Nodes are representative of the interaction of the Moon and the Sun, and intimately involved with our relationships.

  24. Novlady says:

    @Dawn Bodrigi
    Thanks for your insights on Sun/Uranus aspects. I am always looking to embrace the higher octaves of Uranus energy. You commented to me again about a Neptune placement as a composite chart ruler, but I think that was meant for someone else.

    What you mention to no-persperation is intriguing. I have a Cancer NN, too. Its a challenge when your Venus is in Capricorn to find a way to blend your loving nature with your opposing North Node journey. That’s why I like astrological insights that show how to embrace both your nodes in the best ways. I’ve been trying to actively activate my NN by embracing the softness of Cancer qualities while admiring the beauty within me that knows what its like to truly love, be devoted, and endure (Capricorn strengths).

    I have read that the North Node lessons tend to be embraced more fully post 30 years old. I have found that I am becoming softer and more compassionate. However, I look to embrace my individuality and strength WHILE nurturing this unfolding self. I am also learning to become more nurturing to myself. Taking good care of yourself as a woman, spirit and all, spreads out and attracts that back to you. It often feels foreign, but I have read that NN in Cancers should play more, feel the emotional tides within, and fall in love with the journey of life and loving.

  25. Dawn,
    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I have been reading your site and articles here for some time and have learned a great deal while enjoying your writing style. This post, however, has just changed my life and given me some really helpful insight into several relationships that have left me confused for many years. I am most grateful. Again, thank you.

  26. curious757 says:

    In the article, you’re saying the “essence” doesn’t change? via sun energy?
    I,e: “As the essence, it cannot be manipulated or maneuvered.

    A Virgo will always count her change before she gets on the bus. An Aries may knock you down as you both call for a cab, then give it to you once he’s realized his mistake.”

    In my personal life, I have two Aries Sun sign people close to me and never have they ever done anything impulsively like that. Infact, they act more like their earth moons: slow, methodical, and think before they leap: all the time. They even have the time to look at their companions with shaking heads if they dare even act on impulse to be rude to others. And they’re not old either, they’re in their 20s. I would think, with double fire, or too much fire in the chart would make more of an impulse than say, anyone with strong earth in the chart, no matter the sun sign. Even someone close to me who is a double fire (sun and moon ) Moon in aries, wouldnt dare knock someone down, in fact, his indecision to do anything makes him miss opportunities (libra in mars, he does have, and may be the culprit).

  27. you should be careful of that Neptune as composite chart ruler. At its best, a couple will be compassionate and forgiving, but it also can lead to co-dependency.
    Hire the famous astrologer in Jaipur and best Indian astrologer for services like black magic, Tantra Mantra Sadhna etc.

  28. Me and my ex had an interesting composite chart with Sun, Venus, and Mercury (composite) in the 2nd house in Aquarius, and Jupiter in Aquarius in 3rd. Composite Moon is barely in Pisces (0°07) and Ascendant in Sagittarius (13°00) in the furst house. That is one very Aquarian composite chart, but neither of us accumulated any posessions in this long-term relationship, not even mutual friends. It was a very challenging relationship and we both came away dazed and confused…and emotionally still attached (even though no longer speaking). What could all that Aquarian energy in a composite chart mean?

  29. curious757 says:

    reading the comment above about “black magic”: there’s always a “price” to pay when you’re dealing with that kind of stuff. Literature and biblical texts warn us, and in reality, when you deal with something dark and manipulative, it usually spells taking of one’s energy. A very high price.
    Best thing for anyone, is to get self help, like support groups if someone is too co dependent on anyone, anything, (drugs, alcohol, sex, ect)

  30. curious–Of course your Aries friends don’t go knocking people down. It was meant tongue-in-cheek, a parody of the Aries energy. Of course there are lots of quiet, polite Aries. Again, the whole chart has to be taken into consideration in order to get an accurate picture of an individual. Astrology is not an absolute science, one where 2 plus 2 equals four. If it were, everyone would be able to do it without a lot of practice. The art of astrology is in the synthesis of the different elements of the chart. Knowing what is emphasized and what isn’t, and why. And it’s important to remember that each sign has many different levels of expression–some Aries will be impulsive, some will be crusading, some will have a lot of Pisces in their charts and have a hard time with confusion, some will have personal planets in Taurus and have a slow time moving forward. In Aries, the dispositor of the Sun is particularly important–what sign Mars is in colours the whole personality. There are, in essence, 12 different ‘flavours’ of Aries, depending on what sign Mars is in. It’s important to remember that we can only deal in generalities in the space of articles. There will always be exceptions to the general archetype. The essence of Aries is to act, to move forward. If other elements in the chart are blocking the expression of that essence, that will be one frustrated Aries.

  31. Holly–I hope it was clear in the article that the Sun not only connotes a basic identity, but also an area of growth where we need to move forward. If the second house of the composite chart was heavily emphasized, it means that house needed development in the relationship. Establishing something mutual and solid would be a challenge, especially with the Aquarius emphasis and energy, which is all over the place.

  32. Dawn,

    That might explain all the Cancer relationships I’ve developed this past year alone. Seriously, like 6 new people in my life are Cancers and I think they’re all very nurturing people.

    NovLady, post 30, this makes sense. The Saturn retuned happened not too long ago for me. I’m trying to balance my work with my emotions actually I.e keeping them in check without going cold.

  33. curious757 says:

    Thank you for that, Dawn, and I agree: It’s beyond Sun signs and beyond the superficial surface of the sun.

    I really liked what you wrote here:

    “Again, the whole chart has to be taken into consideration in order to get an accurate picture of an individual. Astrology is not an absolute science, one where 2 plus 2 equals four. If it were, everyone would be able to do it without a lot of practice. The art of astrology is in the synthesis of the different elements of the chart. Knowing what is emphasized and what isn’t, and why.”

    That’s why too many people take the same sun element on element pairings too much while those pairs don’t always work out many times. Or they never have the need to be with eachother ever. And when you mean elements of the chart: you meant not just fire elemental but planetary rulership/decans and such.

    no-perspiration, I read if you’ve got Aquarius sun, moon or some strong aquarian energy /stellium in your chart, the cancer energy is connected to you in the 8th house. Aquarius and Cancer usually have that special bond.

  34. Dawn,

    This is actually pretty cool. I went back and looked at the composite chart of my easiest relationship I’ve ever had. It was with an off-the-wall, cooky and crazy-as-can-be Virgo chef. We had a composite sun in the 4th house, as well as Mercury, Saturn, and Jupiter. Our relationship was soooo easy, but it was indeed outside forces (our job schedules) that ended it for us. It was mainly me getting tired of waiting up for him after he’d come home 2 hours after he closed the restaurant “drinking with the boys” and him getting mad that I had to get up at 4:15am every morning (blow dryer, etc). Only 6 months into my new schedule and I called it quits. He understood why and til this day… man, til this day (4 years later) he has yet to move on from me. We don’t really talk much anymore, but I knew if we didn’t break up we would be married (possibly with kids) right now. It pains me because his character is SO unique that he repels girls away or he’s just viewed as the funny man. He hasn’t had a girlfriend or love interest since. He says it’s my fault because I hurt his self esteem so much (I really don’t know why or how he would think that), but I looked and saw his NN was in Gemini. I would love to see him be able to be more sociable with people without freaking them out with his crass, off-the-wall humor.

    Oh and I think I’m going to keep my Cancer man around a little longer. He’s really done a great job at making me feel that he’s all mine (he doesn’t get forgiven if this happens again). We’re planning a get-a-way trip soon 🙂 just us two! Again, really really great article!

  35. What are the benefits of Sun Trine Moon?

  36. Another question, if a planet is right on the house cusp- does it matter if it is right on the beginning or the end of the house cusp? Does it matter?

  37. Hi Dawn just wondering about something me and the guy I like have sun square uranus saturn and neptune in our composite (the only sun aspects), if sun is the essence of a relationship what effects would all three hazardous aspects have on a relationship ? I have found tons of articles about saturn but nothing about how suns hard aspects affect a relationship your input would be very very appreciated !

  38. marion says:

    Between me and my would-be-partner, we have composite sun in the fourth house.
    Natally his venus and Mars are conjunct by 8 degrees in Libra in his natal first house. Our composite sun is smack in the middle of his natal venus and mars (midpoint) . Therefore, the composite sun is also conjunct his natal ascendant by 7 degrees.

    Interestingly the comp. Sun is also conjunct his his arabic part of ‘identity’ as well as my Son’s part of identity within 1 degree.

    The composite sun is also conjunct my natal sun/moon midpoint and falls in my natal 7th house.

    Other composite placements are;
    Sun – 4th house
    Venus/mars/Uranus conjunction (stellium) – 3rd house
    Saturn – 11th house
    Mercury – 5th house
    Moon – 7th house
    Jupiter/NN – 6th house
    Eros/Psyche/Juno/Ceres conjunction – 9th house (note that we have Eros-Psyche conjunction DOUBLE WHAMMY in our synastry)

    What could this mean?

  39. I am wooing someone. Our composite chart has the sun in the sixth house. But if the majority of the other aspects and placements are positive, such as moon and venus in the 7th house, mercury in the 5th, and jupiter, pluto and saturn trine and sextiles our sun, surely, the sixth house sun must become toned down?

    In our synastry chart, my sun conjunct his moon, his jupiter conjunct my venus and his sun trines my moon? I mean, how important is the sun in the composite chart and does it outweight all the other influences, aspect and position?

    Right now I fear that our sun in the sixth house plays out as the distance that is between us, which will be remedied as I move closer to him. I guess I am just looking for someone to tell me that our “sun in the sixth house” relationship can be a beautiful and fulfilling one (it already is to some extend)???

  40. Ethereal says:

    Hi Dawn,

    What if composite Sun is a (Capricorn) Stellium comprising Ascendant and Venus .. All in house 12th?

    With Uranus (Scorpio)conjunction MC in 10th house opposed by Jupiter/Chiron/Nodes in Taurus whilst Mars & Pluto in Libra squaring the stellium. .. really don’t know what to make out of this ..sigh..migraine

  41. I might be a bit late to this convo, but Im wondering how unhealthy a Heavily emphizied 8th house composite chart is?
    Sun,Venus,mer,pluto Moon in 7th!!
    The other thing that hits is that my North Node(Cancer) Opposites his Venus (Cap) And i have been divorced from my Husband whos Moon Opposited my North Node was such a horrible exspirence of COLD nassasictic Love!! I agreed alot with @Dawn Bodrogi who talked about that in a ealier post!! Was just intrested just based on these few things if that is NOT such a good relationship to embark on with? any help would be greatly apprecated!! THANK YOU!!

  42. Nuraini Arsad says:

    Hm. Composite Sun in the 12th house, conjunct Juno, and Venus, and Mercury. To add to that stellium in 12th, our composite Jupiter conjunct Saturn conjunct Mars is also in 12th. Pluto is a bit further away but still in 12th, and allllll these planets are in the same sign of Libra. What do you make of that??

    Composite Moon however, is all the way across in Aries, opposite the composite Pluto. Composite 6th is of course in Pisces, and its ruler Neptune is at least connecting the Pluto-Moon in a trine/sextile from Sagittarius, so I guess based on previous comments that’s the bit to look at, if this goes on.

    The best way I can articulate what it feels like, is that it feels like the most feasible relationship ever, and simultaneously infeasible too. Both inevitable and impossible. Challenging, but gratifying.

    Cusp of 12th is at the end of Virgo, and composite ascendant is at the beginning of Scorpio.

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