Astrology Truth or Myth: You Can Spot a Cheater by Looking at Their Chart

You get involved in a tingly new relationship. There’s chemistry, sizzle, potential … he could be The One. After finding out his birth information, you look at his chart. What you see horrifies you. He’s a cheater! How do you know? Well, he has aspect A, which you read somewhere was a cheating red-flag. Should you dump him? Not necessarily.

There are some planetary aspects, usually involving Venus (love) and Mars (sex), that are associated with the “monogamously challenged.” Here’s a few, and the reasoning behind them:

  • Mars or Venus in hard (square, opposition, conjunction) aspect to Neptune: the planet of idealism (Neptune) challenges the relationship planets. The tension between fantasy and reality creates constant dissatisfaction in relationships.
  • Mars or Venus in hard aspect to Uranus: the planet of liberation juices up the relationship planets. Novelty is pursued (Mars) or desired (Venus), making it difficult to stay with one person.
  • Mars in the Eighth House (especially in a Fire sign) in hard aspect to Pluto: the drive for sexual release is an obsession that one partner cannot fulfill. Mars is self-centered in the Fire signs. The Eighth House focuses its energies on taboo experiences, and this is amped up by Pluto.
  • Venus in the Twelfth House of secrets and the unconscious (especially in dreamy Pisces): foggy personal values can lead to false starts and yearning after impossible dreams. This person can convince himself that cheating is ok (or that he’s not really cheating).
  • Moon in hard aspect to Uranus: just when he gets comfortable (Moon), this person is jabbed by the Uranian urge to disrupt things. Boredom in established relationships is a problem.

The descriptions for all the above are accurate, but only to a point. These combinations do make for complicated relationship needs. But if one of these aspects is in your partner’s chart, don’t despair. You need to look at the rest of his chart to get the whole picture. What if his Seventh House (of relationships) ruler is in sober Saturn? And Saturn is in loyal Taurus? The condition of the Seventh House will say a lot about his relationship ideals.

Most importantly, you must consider free will. There’s always a choice on how energies in the natal chart are expressed. To illustrate my point, let’s consider some positive manifestations of the above aspects:

  • Mars or Venus in hard (square, opposition, conjunction) aspect to Neptune: Neptune’s creativity and idealism can be redirected into art or focused on helping others. The tension between Mars and Neptune can create a crusader for the underdog.
  • Mars or Venus in hard aspect to Uranus: the need for excitement can be absorbed by a challenging, quirky partner. The energy can also be released in high-voltage athletics (Mars) or edgy, confrontational works of art (Venus).
  • Mars in the Eighth House (especially in a Fire sign) in hard aspect to Pluto: this combination equals pure power, but it’s not overt. Here is someone who could excel at research and investigation. Boundary-blasting intensity is necessary to keep this Mars satisfied. This person might work with the dead or be drawn to macabre subjects.
  • Venus in the Twelfth House, especially in Pisces: self-awareness is key. The more clued in he is to his Twelfth House needs, the more honest he’ll be in relationships. This could be an artist who lives a secluded life or someone who works with the sick (the Twelfth House also represents convalescence).
  • Moon in hard aspect to Uranus: a partnership with built-in freedom (like separate residences) could soak up much of this restless energy. The Moon/Uranus person is happiest when he is engaged in something that satisfies his need for restless advancement. This is the mark of someone with an intuitive grasp of computers.

These challenging aspects represent unmet needs. The tension from the hard aspects will drive our potential “cheater” to meet these needs, but it doesn’t have to result in infidelity. If another outlet can be found, and the needs are satisfied, he can be as faithful as the next person. If he chooses to be.

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